The World According to Buck

I have put my first book on Amazon. I guess for two reasons;

1. My memoirs need to be written; and

2. Why not?

I know that Memoirs are often what famous people write, but why can’t us average people in the world write memoirs too? 

Buck is my famous (even if only to me) border collie and my best mate. He was born on March 27, 2005 and I was lucky enough to have him in my life on May 10, 2005. 

8 November 2008 6I call him a Border Collie, but he is actually crossed with Irish Wolfhound. Long story short, when I was in the US and he was about 2 years old he got out during a storm. The Ranger could not find a microchip, nor had he had any of his vaccinations.

I had somehow bought him of a puppy farm, not a breeder. Even though the lady gave me paperwork with him that showed he had been vaccinated and micro-chipped at the time of purchasing him. I was so angry! More angry at the fact he wasn’t vaccinated then anything else, my sweet puppy could have gotten sick.

Anyway, all ended well and I was able to avoid the fines from the Ranger and reported the puppy farm. Buck never got sick and he was micro-chipped and up to date with his vaccinations the same day. I was relieved.

So back to my Memoirs; who better to be at the centre of my memoirs then my animals that have been with me throughout my entire life. They have witnessed my happy times, my sad times and have helped me through everything I have gone through. 

41MTOIJdTQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_You can find “The World According to Buck” here on Amazon. It is quite a short Memoir, the first in a series of four books, that tell the story of my life.

You can view my Author Profile Page here.

The Paperback is $4.99 (you can then purchase the Kindle Version for $0.99) or the Kindle Version alone is $2.99. 

I’m really quite proud of my work and I have already started “The World According to Freddy” and this will be released 30 June, 2017.

Freddy’s view will be a lot longer, this book will tap into PTSD and Anxiety that I suffered and it will be a raw and real read, but I think that speaking of Mental Health is necessary to create awareness and I am not ashamed of who I am, warts & all as they say! 

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x




Peter Williams Breeches

I think it would be obvious by now that Pink is my favourite colour!

So in the spirit of remaining childlike (no, not childish) I decided to purchase some pink Breeches and I have heard that Peter Williams is a great brand, so off I went to their website to take a look.  

Then the reality that the Pink Gelato Breeches were not $139.95, but were in fact on sale for $59.95 made my day! DSC_0313

The mail delivery was speedy and they were wrapped perfect when I received them, talk about awesome Customer Service 🙂IMG_20170520_104134

I had already purchased the pink socks in anticipation of purchasing the pink Breeches so all is good in the world when it comes together like this.



I wore them for the first time this weekend and decided to take some happy snaps to share.

If you are looking to purchase some Breeches like this, or any other products please visit Peter Williams Riding Apparel website. They also have a Facebook page.

Next on my list is the Dressage Breeches in beige! You can view them here.


Happy Riding & Keep Smiling Mel x


Farrier Update – 10.05.2017

On Wednesday Freddy and Moo both had their feet seen to by their Farrier.

I used to try to have Freddy barefoot, but he could barely walk on his contracted heels.

IMG_20160928_085146The thrush that would grow inside of his frog also was so painful that he felt as though he was tip-toeing around when I rode him! It caused him to not enjoy our training sessions and since he has been shod, he travels forward and really is happy to step onto those heels and reach out into his movements. 

I cleared the thrush in the hoof by using a combination of Copper Sulphate and Vaseline and rubbing it into the thrush in the hoof. It only took about a week or so for the thrush to start to show signs of clearing up, but it is something that will never quite go away. So I have to repeat the treatment any time we have a lot of rain as the mud builds up in his hooves. This mud causes the bacteria to fester and spread and the thrush starts to rebuild. 

Freddy is all set for the weekend now with his fancy new shoes! IMG_20160927_083134

Moo, as per normal is no trouble and his feet are quite good!

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x

Earlwood Equine Rugs – 09.05.2017

Mr Flashdance and I made our debut on Facebook this morning! We have some lovely rugs we purchased from Earlwood Equine and we sent them some feedback via Instagram.

I originally purchased them as I knew Freddy needed a show set, after all Mr Handsome pants couldn’t possibly have anything but the best. 

It is so lovely! The rug is made from Polyester and Cotton with a nice little fleece bit at the wither to protect from rug rubbing. There are many colours to choose from. I purchased the Navy with Blue Trim.

Earlwood Equine Post

The stitch work is fabulous and the buckles are all exactly where they should be for the size of the rug! The Tail Bag is the exact length and easy to get on and off. The hood is made from Cotton and Lycra and is soft and smooth to touch. There is a zip at the chest to the throat (better than dragging a hood over your horses face) and the holes for the ears and eyes are in perfect position!

I put this rug on him for our recent Competition and it kept his fur smooth and shiny for the next day.

I will definitely be purchasing one for Moo.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x




I have the morning off work and I was up early so I could study. I am working through the theory section of the Level One EA Horse Management Slip.  I am learning so much and I am loving the course. Click here to check the course out!

Last week I learned about what the Galvayne’s Groove is. It is amazing to learn new things and increase your knowledge base. Your brain is the most amazing tool and you can fill it with information and it never gets full! An idle mind is a mind that can have negative thoughts too, I often find if I keep myself busy and my mind active it can deter me from feeling down and out as I am always learning new things and that builds my confidence.

Today I will train both Freddy and Moo. Freddy has the idea of picking up the correct Canter Leads firmly in his mind now.  I feel that he no longer has any physical or psychological issues with this movement. It is now time to finesse the transition into Canter and to have some impulsion about it!

He just wants to jog into it and fall out of it, where as it should be an upward transition with a definite energy about it. That’s the difference between a score of a 5 or an 8 in the 60×20 at the end of the day!

Moo just needs to build some more strength and muscle, he really does have all the transitions down pat and his downward transitions are incredible! So today, lots of trot work in the arena and having him push from the hind and use his back.

I am also completing the final touches to Chapter Five of my book “So… You Bought A Horse, Now What?”. I hope for this to be released to you all very soon. Watch this space!!!

Have a lovely day, whatever it is you do! Always be grateful for what you do have and work towards having what you don’t have.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling 

Mel x


Chiropractor Update – 01.05.2017

Freddy had the Chiropractor out on Monday May 1, 2017 the day after his codownload (1)mpetition at Mudgeeraba, Queensland.

He was sore in the Sacrum and again his pelvis on the right was slightly out. He is much better from his session and I have allowed him to have the entire week off to rest.

Having your horse checked over by a professional is vital if you expect your equine partner to perform for you.

If you do not have a Chiropractor out to your horse and you are having issues when riding, it is always a kindness to rule out any pain. I believe that most training and behaviour issues are sourced from pain.



Equestrian Gold Coast Club – 30.04.2017

After months of rain and a working roster that wouldn’t quit, I saw an opportunity to take my Freddy to a Dressage Competition. I had been training the Canter long enough and it was time to see if he could handle Preliminary Dressage.

And besides a trip interstate is always a good thing!

I decided to drive up the day before and camp out in my float, I figured this would settle Fred and I would wake up full of energy for the Sunday.


This was also a grand opportunity for me to use my Earlwood Equine Show Rug for the first time! He looks so handsome in it!

This was also the first time I had been away competing since my PTSD diagnosis in 2014, so I wanted to go. I wanted to challenge myself mentally and physically on this weekend away. 1493457654059

It was so cold in that float! Even though I had a camp bed and a sleeping bag there was an hour or so there where it was freezing! I was happy and positive though as I ate my dinner surrounded by hay.

I had made sure to pack a Fleece Rug and a Waterproof Winter Combo for my Freddy; but I had a single sleeping bag!


Any horse rider would know that is typical, the horses always get the best of things.  The next day I woke so excited and yet nervous at the same time.

Our draw times were Preparatory C at 07:51, Preliminary 1:2 at 08:26 and Preliminary 1:1 at 09:49.

I had my game face on at 7am as I mounted my trusty steed!

It was so cold still when IMG_0024we did our Prep C test, but it went well and Freddy tried so hard for me.

The Prelim 1:2 and 1:1 was a success. I was stoked!

My goals for this show were simple; get the correct canter lead in every test, every time.

We accomplished that and I was so proud of his efforts.  Freddy was patient when I was unbalanced at times, and he showed me nothing but respect the entire weekend. He was no trouble, didn’t fuss, never spooked and had my back throughout the whole weekend.

I felt he almost knew I needed him to support me; and he did.  I am truly blessed to have my Freddy as my equine partner in this journey.  

So… now to the scores. DSC_0254

We ended up coming 8th in the Preliminary 1:1 on a score of 59.32%, 9th in the Preliminary 1:2 on a score of 57.21% and 6th in the Preparatory C with a score of 58%. That meant we were taking home a gorgeous ribbon!  I was so proud of Freddy and me! 

We drove home, making it through the “Tick Gate” at the border unscathed and I just kept smiling. New goals now, more Dressage, more confidence building and more smiles.

It was truly a big step to even consider going and to be honest I wasn’t sure how I would go. I am so proud of myself that I did it and got through the weekend and I feel stronger from doing so!

The Gold Coast Equestrian Club was wonderful! The day  ran so smoothly and professionally and everyone was smiling. It made it such a lovely experience for us.

You can find the clubs Facebook page here if anyone would like to check it out.  

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling… Mel

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