I have the morning off work and I was up early so I could study. I am working through the theory section of the Level One EA Horse Management Slip.  I am learning so much and I am loving the course. Click here to check the course out!

Last week I learned about what the Galvayne’s Groove is. It is amazing to learn new things and increase your knowledge base. Your brain is the most amazing tool and you can fill it with information and it never gets full! An idle mind is a mind that can have negative thoughts too, I often find if I keep myself busy and my mind active it can deter me from feeling down and out as I am always learning new things and that builds my confidence.

Today I will train both Freddy and Moo. Freddy has the idea of picking up the correct Canter Leads firmly in his mind now.  I feel that he no longer has any physical or psychological issues with this movement. It is now time to finesse the transition into Canter and to have some impulsion about it!

He just wants to jog into it and fall out of it, where as it should be an upward transition with a definite energy about it. That’s the difference between a score of a 5 or an 8 in the 60×20 at the end of the day!

Moo just needs to build some more strength and muscle, he really does have all the transitions down pat and his downward transitions are incredible! So today, lots of trot work in the arena and having him push from the hind and use his back.

I am also completing the final touches to Chapter Five of my book “So… You Bought A Horse, Now What?”. I hope for this to be released to you all very soon. Watch this space!!!

Have a lovely day, whatever it is you do! Always be grateful for what you do have and work towards having what you don’t have.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling 

Mel x


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