Earlwood Equine Rugs – 09.05.2017

Mr Flashdance and I made our debut on Facebook this morning! We have some lovely rugs we purchased from Earlwood Equine and we sent them some feedback via Instagram.

I originally purchased them as I knew Freddy needed a show set, after all Mr Handsome pants couldn’t possibly have anything but the best.Β 

It is so lovely! The rug is made from Polyester and Cotton with a nice little fleece bit at the wither to protect from rug rubbing. There are many colours to choose from. I purchased the Navy with Blue Trim.


Earlwood Equine Post

The stitch work is fabulous and the buckles are all exactly where they should be for the size of the rug! The Tail Bag is the exact length and easy to get on and off. The hood is made from Cotton and Lycra and is soft and smooth to touch. There is a zip at the chest to the throat (better than dragging a hood over your horses face) and the holes for the ears and eyes are in perfect position!

I put this rug on him for our recent Competition and it kept his fur smooth and shiny for the next day.

I will definitely be purchasing one for Moo.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x



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