Farrier Update – 10.05.2017

On Wednesday Freddy and Moo both had their feet seen to by their Farrier.

I used to try to have Freddy barefoot, but he could barely walk on his contracted heels.

IMG_20160928_085146The thrush that would grow inside of his frog also was so painful that he felt as though he was tip-toeing around when I rode him! It caused him to not enjoy our training sessions and since he has been shod, he travels forward and really is happy to step onto those heels and reach out into his movements. 

I cleared the thrush in the hoof by using a combination of Copper Sulphate and Vaseline and rubbing it into the thrush in the hoof. It only took about a week or so for the thrush to start to show signs of clearing up, but it is something that will never quite go away. So I have to repeat the treatment any time we have a lot of rain as the mud builds up in his hooves. This mud causes the bacteria to fester and spread and the thrush starts to rebuild. 

Freddy is all set for the weekend now with his fancy new shoes! IMG_20160927_083134

Moo, as per normal is no trouble and his feet are quite good!

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x

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