Peter Williams Breeches

I think it would be obvious by now that Pink is my favourite colour!

So in the spirit of remaining childlike (no, not childish) I decided to purchase some pink Breeches and I have heard that Peter Williams is a great brand, so off I went to their website to take a look.  

Then the reality that the Pink Gelato Breeches were not $139.95, but were in fact on sale for $59.95 made my day! DSC_0313

The mail delivery was speedy and they were wrapped perfect when I received them, talk about awesome Customer Service 🙂IMG_20170520_104134

I had already purchased the pink socks in anticipation of purchasing the pink Breeches so all is good in the world when it comes together like this.



I wore them for the first time this weekend and decided to take some happy snaps to share.

If you are looking to purchase some Breeches like this, or any other products please visit Peter Williams Riding Apparel website. They also have a Facebook page.

Next on my list is the Dressage Breeches in beige! You can view them here.


Happy Riding & Keep Smiling Mel x


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