Jojubi Saddlery

In the land of me, Freddy needs a new rug each season. This is because he is one of those awesome horses that rips rugs! YAY

He also is quite a hot horse being a Chestnut, so if it is over 21.7 degree’s my Fred will start to roll and rip his rug if I have the wrong one on.

If it is raining, he must have a rain sheet as if he gets wet when it stops raining he then itches!

If it is sunny and has a slight breeze it is okay as long as we do not have a shower of rain as then the cotton rug sticks to him and he rugs and itches!

If I put no rug on him at all, I then have to scrub dried mud out of him each night before I put his rug on because he has spent all day rolling because he itches!

It could seriously drive you bananas. I’ve tried my fair share of rugs and generally I have to spend a fair bit of money to ensure quality, but then along came Jojubi Saddlery. DSC_0322

I first saw these guys on Instagram as they sponsor a rider that I follow. (How awesome of them to do that!) 

Their rugs are not overpriced, but I can tell you from personal experience the quality is top-notch! I ensured Mr Flashdance had a photo shoot to mark the occasion.


The stitching, buckles and clips on the rug are all good quality. They are not cheap and I know they will last the lifetime of the rug which is always a good thing. 




The neck rug is that little bit longer so there is not that gap that most rugs have behind the ears. This way when he is grazing in the rain or the cool of winter his neck and back of his ears will stay warm & dry. 


Look at this super cute halter and lead they gave me with it! It is such a lovely colour and their is mink fleece on the nose and poll for comfort.

And look at that cute little horse pattern on it.

The post was fast and I got them both in two days, they were shipped same day! 


Next… a rug for Moo, he ain’t happy with this one, and who can blame him, it’s povo!!

Follow the links and go buy from Jojubi Saddlery, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x



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