Currumbin Horse Club – 09.07.2017

Moo and I travelled to Currumbin District Horse Club in Queensland for a Dressage Day on the weekend. 

I was still on cloud nine after our successful weekend at Grafton Riding Club the week before and decided I would “back up” and see if Moo could handle two shows in two weeks.



It was freezing cold when I fed Moo his breakfast at 5am. I never used to feel the cold but now that I am 40 I have become one of those people that need 5 layers of clothes, beanies, gloves and a cup of tea before I reach a temperature where I can function at all!

My rosettes, still woeful, were a little better than last week so I was already winning as far as I was concerned LOL

Moo was so settled and tied to the float when another competitor came and parked next to me. I didn’t want to be annoyed but I was, there was a good football field size area to park and she parked within 2 metres of my car.

I was concerned about the banging coming from the float. I could hear hear the horse neighing and kicking the float and Moo then went into overload and started to get anxious.



I put him in a yard but he didn’t settle and started pushing on the gate and doing circles of the yard. I couldn’t really do much and I guess he has to get used to this kind of thing, so I took a big spoonful of “harden-up princess” and realised that not all people are considerate and to just go on with my day!

And I did 🙂  




A pre-competition selfie has started to become a habit.

I don’t lunge my horses prior to riding them, I prefer to warm-up and do a lot of Walk than lunging.

I was so proud of Moo as although he was tense, he still didn’t do anything dangerous or bad-mannered. So I just relaxed and waited for him to settle.

He wasn’t settled that much when we went in for Preliminary 1:1 but I wasn’t going to scratch so I just went and had a go!


The picture shows that he was tense, but we still did all the moves at all the markers and that to me is a good outcome. He scored 6’s for his Canter work, but he wouldn’t show immobility in the Halt and he was flexed to the outside and above the bit in the Trot work.

He didn’t leave the arena or buck so I was happy to accept that he was having a “moment” and I just kept being calm and waited. 



Preliminary 1:2 was a little better and I was super proud of Moo. He had calmed a little more and I really started to feel that he was responding to my leg aids and engaging his back in his work.  




Again he did all his moves at his markers and I even got a little stretch in the long Walk.

I had to lean forward and assist him a little by putting a lot of weight in my stirrups but he started trying which was good.

Preliminary 1:3 was a lot better and I really was so proud. He was tired by this time, but still gave his all and I really so happy with our work. He had never done the 1:3 before so for a first attempt at the test at a new Club with all the happenings surrounding him I think he was such a great partner for the day.  



I hosed my Moo and put his fleece on and gave him a rest and some food and water while I went to the presentation. There were no amazing scores on this day, but we grew as a team and he never once put me in danger.

That is a win always.

We went through the Tick Gate at the border to NSW and travelled home.  I’ll bet Moo slept well because I know I did!

I’m looking for his next competition at the moment for Moo. All going well Freddy will be out and about in the next month. So watch this space.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x 








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