Tamworth Judges Clinic – 21 to 22.07.2017

So… (I love ellipses, just saying) anyway, I took a drive to Tamworth on Friday morning to attend a Judges Seminar and also to check out AELEC as the Tamworth Dressage Club Championships were on! It was win:win all round for me! 1500606766440

I have all intent and purposes of competing there next year. The facilities are amazing.Β 





Moo would feel very special to be dancing around on this. The outdoors are awesome too. So it’s in the diary and let’s see if me and Mr Potato-Head or Mr Flashdance can pick us up some of this stuff!


So the Judges Clinic went really super.

I did the F/E Seminar as I wanted to get my G-Level signed off by the end of the weekend and be ready to upgrade to F-Level in 2018. So off I went…

The Seminar was so interesting and I learned a great deal. It’s always such an insight as a rider to see what the Judges are looking for and since I have been completing the Judging, my riding has improved. DSC_2075

We had a break for lunch so of course I went to get the obligatory picture by the Big Guitar. DSC_2076

I then had a quiche and salad with a pot of Earl Grey Tea (mmmm my favourite) for lunch.

There was a bird there keeping me company but he wouldn’t shut-up and stared at me the whole time I ate.

It was kind of weird


We then went to watch the Elementary 3:3 and learn what to look for. One of the horses could do Travers to Renvers with the most seamless transition I have ever seen! Talk about #goals

I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got back to the hotel and fell asleep about 7pm. I was excited for what tomorrow would bring though!

I had left the hotel at 7.30am and had to use a whole bottle of water to clear the ice off my windscreen.Β Apparently it was -3 outside.

YAY I love the cold. NOT!

It was freezing in that Arena at 8am on the Saturday.

I was Shadow Judging Novice 2.2 which was going to be interesting as I had never penciled for 2.2 nor ridden it, but I figured if I called it as I saw it I should do okay.

Once I finished I then went to pencil for the Preliminary 1:3. My favorite test to ride at the moment so it was fun to do.

Then we stopped for lunch while I got my papers sorted and waited for the Judge Mentor to take a look and let me know if I passed or not.

Fingers were crossed big time!

AND…… YAY I passed. The Judge Mentor scored 67.29% for 1st Place and I scored 66.85% and her lowest score was 57.86% and mine was 52.43% so I think I did pretty well. I would recommend doing this to any dressage rider. If you want to learn more follow the link to Equestrian Australia. This will take you to the Officials Resources page.

So that is another goal ticked off the bucket list of Melissa Rose. Only a thousand more things to go.Β 

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x






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