Farrier Update 26.07.2017

Anybody who knows me knows that I love Freddy. We have had a love/hate relationship at times. A relationship where he would buck going into the Canter and I would fall off then I’d say I hate you!

Then I would hug him and take it back. We are solid as a rock now and all of that is behind us!! We were having a marvellous time competing and spending time together and then my poor little monkey went lame. He has had a history of lameness and it all relates to his conformation issue on his front right hoof.1500953545449

He has contracted heels and a thin sole, so it is hard to keep him barefoot as he needs a shoe/boot because of this and also the fact that he weighs 550 kg.

But if you keep a shoe on and it is muddy then the mud gets stuck around the hoof and the hoof rot gets worse!

(Insert a visual of me pulling my hair out here!)



I have a fantastic farrier and I am so blessed. In the few months he has been doing my horses feet they have improved so much. His back feet are completely heeled and we have a healthy frog that hits the ground. Impressive stuff to say the least!

We have treated his hooves and wrapped them. I saw a massive improvement in only two days.



I need to keep treating them and re-wrapping them for the next 30 days and then see what my farrier says.

I looked into therapy boots which are a good idea but I think the issue is a conformation issue and a boot will not fix that.

Also, we cannot compete in therapy boots for Dressage (Insert unhappy face). Honestly I do not see why we cannot. Horses with sensitive backs can have a sheepskin numnah and a gel pad. You can also have sheepskin under the poll and the noseband and protective ear coverings and yet I cannot have a therapy boot? HMM. So I got to thinking; Perhaps there is a rule there that needs to be changed?

Here is the current rule:

2.16 Over-boots/Hoof boots
In regards to horse wearing shoes or hoof coverings:
a) it is not mandatory for horses to be shod
b) removable over-boots/hoof boots are permitted in the warm-up area but NOT permitted past the gear check or into the competition surrounds or arena
c) glued-on shoes cannot cover any more of the hoof than does a nailed shoe, and the bulbs of the heel and full circumference of coronary band must be clearly visible.

I love that it is not mandatory for horses to be shod, because some horses simply can’t be. So Part C is my focus. I think I need to come up with something that can protect the sole of the hoof (as he has thin soles) and also something cushiony (if that is a word) for his sensitive frog/heels.

I am open to suggestions/idea’s or even creations from anybody, anywhere! 


I am persistent by nature and I do not give up easy. I also refuse to accept “No” for an answer so because of this I just keep on keeping-on to have my Freddy sound.

For the moment I will just keep treating his frogs and keeping his legs warm to fend off arthritis.

Yesterday I gave him some Bute. I am not a massive fan of Bute, but he looked in pain and my Freddy in pain simply will not do! 

I’m currently looking into Ginger and Tumeric to assist with arthritis, blood flow and reducing inflammations. 




Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Happy Riding and Keep Smiling

Mel x

2 thoughts on “Farrier Update 26.07.2017

  1. That’s so strange- horses who wear hoof boots only do so because they need them. So what’s the point of allowing them to warm up in them but not compete? I hope you find a solution soon! Sounds like you have a great farrier and Freddy is on the right track.


    1. Thank you for your support mate. I’m glad someone else thinks the rule is strange too! I have spoken to a member of Dressage NSW and I am writing to ask for a “Permit”. I’m not sure how it will go, but stay tuned! I can’t even just wear the boots and compete Non-Competitive (which I would do) I’ll be eliminated if I do that. Let’s hope common sense prevails… stay tuned 🙂

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