Currumbin District Horse Club – 13.08.2017

Mr Potato Head (Moo) and I had a lovely day at our Dressage Competition at Currumbin District Horse Club on 13.08.2017.  As always it was a relaxed and welcoming feeling on the grounds with a Committee that is encouraging, supportive and so devoted to their club! It’s a wonderful place for youngsters and green horses too. 

Hopefully I can take Mr Flashdance AKA Freddy up there in the next few months to compete before we go to QSEC in October 🙂 Anyway… I digress. Moo went so much better than last month when we went up. 426979ee-331f-480f-b92e-bebc5b7f2102

I left home super early, but I have always liked early mornings so it isn’t hard for me to get up and get going. Moo was pretty happy about being fed a few hours earlier too 🙂 DSC_2108


And then there was this sunrise!


Okay, so then there were these tunnels. DSC_2112

You have to hold your breath when you are driving through tunnels, its a thing!

(I admit that I cannot quite do the Harbor Tunnel in Sydney, it is too long and well… I need air, but I persist lol)

We arrived and he unloaded well and he was so calm. He is really starting to get his head in the game (and possibly realise that Dressage is way more awesome than racing around in the hot sun). He only has to do a few minutes and then it is back to the float for treats and hay. Be pampered. Rinse and repeat.

I was able to tie him to the float this time, last time he made constant circles in the yard he was in and I was unable to tie him as he wouldn’t be still. DSC_2115


This time looked like this. I smile 🙂





We then had Preparatory E (formally B) at 8:28am which did go well.

He was still a little tense, but it was better than last time.



Preparatory C was at 8:52am and it was only his second attempt at a Serpentine in a Competition.

I was so proud of my little monkey.

He got a 6 for this move. 6’s are good! Ok, so 9’s and 10’s are better, but 6’s are good (for now)  🙂


Then we finally had Preliminary 1:1 at 9:52am. It was a bit of a wait so I went back to the float and tried to get him to drink some water. He was having none of it! You can lead a horse to water… (I think you know the rest). However Moo was more than happy to eat my Apples that I  had packed for my morning tea so he had those instead. He wasn’t dehydrated so I went on with the last test. A83W3501.JPG

The test in itself was okay.

We have this problem. I call it the Giraffe Halt.

This is “Hey, I halted square but I will then move my hind back and stick my head in the air like a Giraffe looking for leaves to eat. Mum will certainly agree that this is ok.”

Mum says “ah no, it’s so not ok.”

At least he showed immobility so you have to be happy with that 🙂


The rest of the test was okay and his canter work was phenomenal.

It felt good and he was in front of my leg and soft into the contact. Perfect, perfect, perfect. 

The only issue was he kept putting his head up and looking at something near F. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but when I watched the video back later that night I realised that the house next door had a pool with a giant pink flamingo floating in it. Clearly Flamingo’s eat horses!!!!! 🙂

All in all I was stoked. We grabbed a third and a fourth, so not too bad.



I just can’t stop smiling.

I love him to bits!

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x








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