That’s Executive… 22.08.2017

This is all so off topic but I got to write about it. I needed a laugh today… I said this today when I was putting Freddy’s sheepskin boots on. 

When I was younger not everybody had a mobile phone.

I know what you’re thinking. Are you from outer-space? Did you have a pet dinosaur growing up?

No to both of these, but it is true that not everyone had a mobile phone back in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. In hindsight, I am not sure how we coped as I love technology.

Anyway I remember I worked in Newcastle and at lunch we would walk down the mall to grab a bite to eat. (I miss those days, walking through the mall, going to the food court and risking food poisoning 🙂 Ah the memories, but I digress).

Anyway, when someone was on their mobile phone and walking through the mall they reminded us of Wall Street bankers, they also seemed to always be dressed in business suits and they looked as we put it “Executive”.

So when we had just walked by them, we would loudly say “That’s Executive!” and then laugh our heads off.  We would then run until our stomachs hurt from laughing and running. 

Twenty years later I still use this phrase, sure I have grown up now (well, a little) but I no longer scream it at the top of my lungs when I am walking past a person on a mobile phone. This is for two reasons. 

  1. Everyone has a mobile phone so I would be doing it all the time; and
  2. Did I mention I’m a grown up now 🙂

I do however still have my childish moments.

A few months ago I was at Mudgeeraba Dressage with Amy and I was explaining this “Executive” term to her. I remember it was freezing in that float but we didn’t notice. We ended up cracking up laughing most of the night eating $60 worth of very oily chinese food and almost making ourselves sick. It was a great time.

That night a large horse truck turned up at about midnight and of course we labelled it “Executive” for the remainder of the weekend. We were still laughing about it all when we drove home late the next day. 

I still use this term now and then and it has never lost it’s shine. If you go to a fancy hotel it must be said when you check out the bathroom. I am one of those people that check out the bathroom first. Do they have Executive shampoo and conditioner items? If so, this place is Executive! 🙂 

I also use it when I see a nice car, nice horse, nice watch, or get a new phone (I am awaiting a new iphone 7 as we speak so I am sure I will say it upon it’s arrival ).

Try it out the next time you put a new piece of tack on your horse. My horses look at me when I buy them a new rug or get a new bridle and announce “That’s Executive” when I put it on the first time…

I can hear the “That’s Executive movement” as we speak…

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x 



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