TVEG – 01.09.2017

On Saturday Moo and I travelled to Murwillumbah, NSW to attend the TVEG Winter Series #3 Dressage Day. 


It was a beautiful morning. A pre competition selfie was again an important part of the day 🙂 

Moo looks good 24/7, it’s amazing! I look good from about 14:00 to 14:03 (this was not one of those times)  🙂 This was about 5am.

He was like “Hmm, mum is here and it’s early and she is all excited? Yup, it’s a dressage day.”

And from there he put his game face on and his A-Game for me. 



He travelled beautifully and we scooted up the highway and had this beautiful image in our sights most of the way. 

There isn’t much to complain about when this is what you can stare at for a few hours first thing. It makes me feel so peaceful and grateful for all that I have.

Meanwhile… Those are my fingerless gloves on the dash. Now explain to me, who came up with fingerless gloves? Do they realise that your fingers are cold when you wear them? Did they have unusually warm fingers and didn’t need gloves with fingers? The mind ponders….

But I digress….



We arrived and there was nobody else there, so of course I panicked and wondered if I had the wrong day! But then another float turned up and I realised all was again good in the world.

Moo tied to the float like a superstar and was as cool as a cucumber. See Exhibit A !!! A rested hoof at a show! Crazy times… I was so happy. Look at him looking at me, he is thinking mum is being a lunatic because I have a hoof rested. I was stoked.

My little guy has come so far in only three comps. In July he had to be put in a yard because he just couldn’t tie to the float.

On Saturday I was able to leave him tied there in between tests while I searched for the perfect cup of coffee at morning tea time. I returned to find my little guy still tied there. These are all ticks on my list of small and achievable goals for Moo. 

Then came the big goals. Competing. I entered him in Preparatory D and Preliminary 1:3. I don’t much like riding the Preliminary 1:1 test. I don’t know why, but I realised a long time ago to not try to work out why I am particular with things so I just go with it. If I don’t want to ride a certain test (and there is no championship on the line) I just won’t ride it. Plain and simple.

The first test was at 10:00 and he felt lovely. We had warmed up for 55 minutes. 40 of those minutes were spent walking around and showing Moo everything, that way I could have his undivided attention when we trotted in at A. And I did. He was wonderful. I messed up a few times. I didn’t keep my legs on and his quarters drifted at times. In the first test I didn’t push him forward enough and he lacked impulsion in his test. But we still got a 60% and I was very happy with that.



There was a 4 hour break until our next test (I know, dying over here) and so I went and gave Moo a bath at these executive wash bays.

Talk about goals. And look at the design of these. 🙂 Seriously why do we not have a reality TV series of stables and wash bays being renovated. Just saying…!!

“I would like a bespoke wash bay and a parochial style stable. “


We then warmed up for our second test at about 12:30. I could see Mt Warning the whole time and I realised that I need to hike that. So I will be in the next few weeks. Watch this space. 

I feel as Edmund Hillary when I think of hiking that Mountain and one of his most famous quotes.

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” 

It’s one of my favourite quotes. I’m a bit of a quotes person (as you would have realised).  🙂

It’s so true what he was saying. That the first real goal is to conquer ourselves, our own minds, our decisions and convince and push ourselves to do the things we want to do.

That’s life though isn’t it?? You get knocked down, you get up, you keep going. There are your choices right there. There aren’t any others. 

And back to the day.

I was fortunate enough to read the Judges comments on my first test before competing in the second. The Judge had said I needed to move Moo more forward so he would engage his back more. I took those comments on board. I have respect for our Judges and I take in what they say and learn from it. Being able to accept and absorb constructive criticism is key to success. 

So in the second test I did just that. I rode Moo more forward and into the movements rather than giving him time to adjust. I pushed him into his A-game and he got 7’s for his canter work and 6.5’s for his transitions. We are still having some resistance in the downward transitions (yes, yes, my seat is failing me I would think) and so I will work on that in the next few weeks before our next competition on the 17th September. 

Moo ended up with a 62.31% and 5th place in the Preliminary 1:3. I am so happy. If Moo continues to post these awesome scores I will be moving him up to Novice in October. I actually thought we wouldn’t get to Novice before the end of next year so right now he is a year in front of our goals in that respect. 


And again Moo the ribbon-magnet comes through.

Hey look, my favourite primary colour is there LOL 

This was at the end of a 14 hour day, but I wouldn’t have spent it any other way 🙂

Our Goal for 2017 is to post a 65% in Prelim, so watch this space. 

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x

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