Halley’s Comet

Oh boy this is where I confess I am a space nerd 🙂

2This morning I tracked Halley’s Comet and this is it’s current position for anyone interested. 

I love this comet. I  love that I saw it. I love that I will see it again. See, I have decided that I will so it must happen. That’s how I work.

I love it, not only because the comet is linked to one of my favourite Authors Mark Twain but also because I saw it last time it flew past Earth and it was one of the most vivid memories of my life. 

I can’t be certain, but my memory tells me that we saw it in it’s outward approach past Earth in April 1986.

I was in the backyard, at my Grandparents house and we were setting off fireworks (those were the days) and my dad lent down to me (I was only 9 at the time) and he said “Lissy, you need to look at this, it’s important.” He picked me up and pointed and there it was. I can still remember it.

I track it’s position often. It keeps me grounded on how the world and the universe goes on without any help from me, there is beauty in that, a reminder that whilst we are relevant we are also quite irrelevant and we should always live in the now.

Live now, love now, get your dreams now. It’s that simple really.

My space fascination began when I was quite young; The Challenger disaster and the Apollo missions having only been completed in the 70’s gave me so much to read upon. It was a fresh topic in the world’s mind and was discussed at school a great deal. I remember I collected pictures of all of the Apollo mission patches and kept them in a diary. I built a paper mache space shuttle (much to the horror of my mother) when I was 15. It was over a metre tall and stood proudly (well to me) in our loungeroom.  download (21)

I remember when I first saw the Apollo 8 mission patch and it has always been my favourite. 

Jim Lovell is my favourite Astronaut. Not many people realise what a huge part he played in the Apollo and Gemini missions as he is remembered for the Apollo 13 mission and it’s near disaster. I still believe he should have been the first man on the moon, sorry Neil.

Back to Halley’s comet. So what will you be doing in 2024?

Halley’s comet will be at the Aphelion and swinging back to come toward us for it’s next flyby in 2061.

I will be 47 when it turns and 84 the next time I see it. I can’t wait.

I have riding goals that are set between now and 47. I also have other goals, but here are my riding ones…

Goals to 41 are to ride Novice.

Goals to 42 are to win a Novice Championship and ride Elementary.

Goals to 43 are to compete in Amateur Owner Championships, and State Championships.

Goals to 44 are to buy a second home, preferably a farm with stables and an arena and such and win an Elementary Championship.

Goals to 45 are to ride Medium.

Goals to 46 are to start a horse rescue facility for Ex-racehorses and perfect training the perfect Pony Club mount from an OTTB.

Goals to 47 are to win a Medium Championship.

So what are you going to do with your time until the comet turns? Write down some goals, map them out and get them done, life is here for the taking.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x







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