Equestrian Books – 19.09.2017

I saw a post on another persons blog (I can’t remember who, but if it was you please comment below) and I thought wow she has a lot of books!! I surely don’t have that many I thought… How wrong I was!!

What’s the go with the box of books that is somehow always in the back room of an equestrians home? They aren’t on a bookshelf, they are way too valuable for that, they are in a back room in a secure area as if they are the location map to Area 51. I had to walk through a locked door with a Rottweiler guarding them at the bottom of a stairwell to find them (almost). Well not quite. They were in the back back of the room anyway.

From time to time us equestrians stop the grooming, riding, competing and countless hours of mucking stalls and yards to stop and open a book that we once felt we “had to have”. I counted my books last night.ย  The final count is 32 plus a few DVD’s.

I realised I have some books that I have never opened. I also realised I have a book on Apaloosa’s, yet I have never owned one and probably never will!! Why do I have this? Why have I moved this with me when I moved homes?ย  The mind boggles…

So let’s be reasonable, and well… lie, and say that each book is probably worth about ten bucks. That’s $320 I’ve spent on books that are in a box in the back room of my home. What the hell is wrong with me????

So of course in being me, I quickly went onto the Horseland website to see what $320 could have bought me instead of books I barely read and now I am wishing I didn’t have a few of those books. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Don’t get me wrong; there are a few there that I would trade my life for (well I wouldn’t, but I like to be dramatic) but there is probably five I would have to have. You know, the kind that when you are asked what you would take on a deserted island with you, and you say “Well I would take, Free Rein by Gillian Rolton, Rob Thomas and some Tim Tams for sure”

So here they are:

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x





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