Mr Flashdance – Tricks

Hello Everyone,

So I’ve been talking about Freddy’s arthritis for a while now and a few days ago I decided to jump on and have a Walk around the arena and see how my best mate is doing.

He has been really missing me (and I’ve been super upset about not riding him too) and when I go to see Moo or take Moo to a competition, Fred blocks me and always comes in for a cuddle and then follows us to the gate.Β 

When I am tacking up, he stands there at the fence and just stares at me like “I don’t get it! Why aren’t we riding? What have I done?” It breaks my heart. 😦

It wasn’t always like this between us. When I first got him, I couldn’t catch him and he didn’t like to be ridden. He would buck and bolt and rear at times. It was frightening. He put me in hospital twice. Well, I put me in hospital twice, clearly I wasn’t listening to what he was saying to me and I missed the cue’s of his unhappiness/pain.Β 

The last time he threw me badly was in 2012. I almost gave up riding after this.Β 

He reared and then bucked (to be truthful it was such an athletic move for a lazy horse, it still baffles me and in hindsight I am mildly impressed by his agility).

I fell of him backwards and cracked my helmet. I was in and out of consciousness for a while and I couldn’t see when the paramedics got there. Talk about scary! gravity

When I was laying in the hallway waiting for the results of my neck X-Ray (as they thought I had fractured it) I realised I needed to change my behaviour and and that was when my new riding path started. That was when the greedy, selfish Melissa who didn’t listen to her equine partner’s left, and she has never been back.

It’s hard to admit (and even harder to write) that I was like that, but the truth is the truth and you can’t hide from it!

What’s the saying; Beauty is truth, truth Beauty. And there it is.Β To be honest, I didn’t do that well with an attitude like that anyway. It’s funny but I have been more successful in my riding since then than I ever have been.


Most probably because my horses welfare and happiness come before all else, and when you put that at the top good things happen. πŸ™‚

This sport/hobby/passion of ours is a partnership and if you look after your partner, they will be in a position of mental and physical well-being to be able to try for you. And they do.

Anyway… I was told not to ride again as it was my fifth concussion (uh sure that’ll happen) and that if I have a bad fall again I may not make survive it.Β Well I did take that information on board, thought about it, and then I decided that honestly there is no other way I would prefer to die anyway, so back I went to riding.Β  And that was the end of that.Β 

I had only tore the ligaments of my neck (yes only) and I had concussion type symptoms for about a year and I am back to normal (well my state of normal)!

But I digress (I do that a lot, sorry). Back to Freddy.Fred.jpg

When I pulled Fred out of the paddock yesterday he was so happy! And so was I!!Β 

See Exhibit A… πŸ™‚

He was super happy to be fussed over and groomed. He loves to be pampered!

So I tried to jump on him bareback and have a ride around. I have never rode him bareback so I wondered how it would go.

He didn’t really want me to ride him and so I ended up getting off and just walking around the Arena with him. He got better and better as the time went on and by the end of our walk he was moving more freely and his ears were forward and his face happy. I will just try to walk him every other day for now and see if this will help with the Arthritis.

In the true spirit of Melissa Rose, making lemonade from lemons, I decided why not teach my Freddy some tricks. It’s a good way to spend some time together and for Fred to have some mental stimulation whilst making a bunch of dorky video’s and laughing and having fun!!!

So here is the first couple. He makes me laugh. I spent most of last night laughing about it.

So then we tried the handshake, leg thingy trick. He already knows how to do his Left leg awesomely, but teaching the Right is a challenge. See Below….


Ah he makes me smile. Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x










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