Power of Pink Dressage Day

Hey Everyone, 


I’ve just entered Moo in the Power of Pink Dressage Day that is coming up on 14/15 October up here.

I’m super excited to be able to go to this and somehow use the awesomeness that is Dressage to shed some light on such an important cause.

I’m not a negative person and I am not a wallower (if that is a word). I rarely open up and I keep my cards pretty close to my chest, so I  wont’ tell you my story of my mother. All I will say is that she was bloody awesome and loved me dearly. x

I will say if you get the chance to go to any charity style Dressage/Jumping/Hacking/show type day I say go!

Go and enjoy dressing in pink for this type of charity. I know there are multi-colour days for Runners for Mental Health and I’m hopeful one day to be part of setting up one of these awesome days; spending it with happy people that are out doing what we love.

Also, even if only for a moment I love that we can all spread some awareness and have us all think of others for a single day and remember how lucky we all are.

Life is a beautiful thing and I love it. We are all so lucky to be here living and having fun,  in countries where we are free to be able to do the things we love each and every day.

All I know is that I am grateful for all I have every single day. I do not waste precious time wishing I was Kate Middleton and a Princess (even though I know it might be fun).

I am not jealous of people who are better riders; instead I follow their YouTube or their blogs and try to find out what they did that helped them get to where they are.

I do not get cranky if someone wins and I do not when I compete. I think wow, we got third or we got fifth or we had a great day and didn’t place at all. 09ce74265b1bbb7e0de8d9fd4ccef999

I think the key to my happiness is not comparing myself to anyone else.

And then I found this in a google search. How true is this.

I’m sure Fred doesn’t go “I hate you Moo because you are 8 years younger than me and have two white socks and I only have one!”

Animals don’t do this and that is why they are happy 🙂 And yes as we know I love quotes and poems here is one I say quite often.

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself” ~ D H Lawerence

I love the power that animals have to get on with it and live right now. It inspires me to not worry and to get the hell on with it. But more than all this, every morning, whether I am healthy or not, rich or not, skinny or not; I look to the sunrise each day and I am grateful.

We all know by reading my blog I want to see Halley’s Comet return in 2061. I will see it, but if I don’t it won’t change the fact that I am looking forward to it and nothing can stop that!

Live in the right now and whatever dream or goal you have start this second. Even if you only get a single day chasing your dream it is not a day that is wasted!

I wanted to compete Novice by the end of 2017 and I had wished it would be on Freddy. But with my big red guy currently lame and not a damn thing I can do right now to make that not be the case, I’ve made lemonade with lemons and somehow Moo is ready to go Novice at this event.

I don’t expect to win, I don’t expect to place but I know I will have a really good time and he will have another confidence boosting outing under his belt. I get to dress in pink for this day and it is my favourite colour so seriously win, lose or draw what a great time to be had!!

I am going to wear pink jodphurs a pink show shirt and put a pink feather and lace on my helmet. I found some large novelty pink sunglasses for moo and a sparkly top hat for him to wear. It will be fun to get some photographs and I can’t wait to see them.

This blog post went a bit all over the shop and on a few tangents but hey; that is the mind of Melissa Rose so I can’t apologise too much for being me 🙂

I thought I would take a moment and say that I love the blogs that I follow and the people who have chosen to follow mine, I thank you.

On this spinning planet in a massive area of space, horses and our common ground has somehow all made us cross paths and in the midst of our blogs we all help each other with the “likes” and the “comments” and the “well-wishes”.

We keep each other focused on goals and dreams but we also have a place to vent, to write about stuff that maybe we don’t say out loud in our everyday lives for whatever reason.

Long may it continue.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x


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