Power of Pink Dressage Day

Hey everyone,

So on Saturday 4 October 2017 Moo and I competed at the TVEG Power of Pink Dressage Day. It was a wonderful day supporting a wonderful cause and even though the weather wasn’t on our side we all had high spirits and enjoyed the day. IMG_0255

I had driven up on the Friday and Moo was quite suspicious that something was indeed afoot! He was also highly disappointed that McDonalds did not make a Hay Late`but I digress πŸ™‚

I camped out with my my Mr Moo. Also, in my new Cealiac non-gluten world I did discover that I can eat a Thin & Crispy Margherita pizza from Domino’s. Pretty stoked about that!Β  We then all went to bed at about 2200hrs.

I was full of beans and quite excited when I woke up and was ready to get on with the day. Moo was wondering why he was being painted pink and what was going on! He did put up with it quite well for a horse that has only had 10 outings so I was super impressed!!

It was then show time…


Moo’s canter is like a Rocking Horse. It is uphill with the power from behind that is needed in dressage. This is his natural movement in the canter, I have only had to tweak this not teach this.

I believe he was always meant to be a Dressage Horse. I do believe this Canter may be the thing that gets him through the grades and to our goal of Medium (by the time I am 45).

I know it’s a big ask, a horse with a conformation issue to go to Medium! But I just know he will get there. I don’t know how I know; I just know.

It will involve me becoming a better rider and having the balance and independent seat required to help him as much as I can. So that is what I will be working on in the next few years.

Ah another quote from me πŸ™‚Β  “Be the rider your horse needs you to be”


His stretchy trot circle is really coming along. It was a move I used to get 4’s for and on the weekend he got a 7.5!! Their mouth only need be below the point of the shoulder and look at this! No wonder I nicknamed him The Prodigy!

My hands and seat could be a little softer and more balanced and I am sure I would have received an 8. I was blocking him.

I am my biggest fan but also my harshest critic. I love to look at photographs and video’s and say “Okay, there was an error by me or here is where I could have helped him more!”

Always look to yourself before your horse if you seek perfection and take responsibility. Your horse can only be as good as you let him be on any given day. It is a partnership after all.

The Preliminary 1:2 was on at 0948hrs, Moo seems to like the flow of the 1:2. We did a PB of 63.08% which left us in 7th place (less than 1% out of the Rosettes) but we got our best score ever and some 7’s which I was pretty happy about πŸ™‚

He needs to move more forward and engage his back a little and I will work on that before our next Dressage Day on the 5th November.

The Novice 2:1 was at 1104hrs. A wonderful instructor and lady I know was there and she was kind enough to assist me and support me through this test. She ended up placing third and it was well deserved. It was such a rhythmic and relaxed ride and she has such talent.

Moo and I did a fantastic score of 59.44% and again we placed 7th. I was so happy. πŸ™‚

To go up a grade and handle a test we had never ridden before and do so well was an awesome effort from Moo.

I left that arena thinking wow, maybe people had been wrong about him when they said he wouldn’t be any good for dressage! Moo has had his fair share of critics as he has a splade hoof and bowed knee but he keeps on getting better and better.

Also, there is nothing better a critic can do then tell me I cannot do something; I am one of those people that get more driven by that kind of stuff πŸ™‚

We had a huge wait until our final test, the Preliminary 1:3 at 1502hrs. It started raining and was windy but Moo did very well. His feather boa in his mane was flapping around in the wind and that did effect our score. We normally score above 60% in this test, but we only ended up with a 59.34%, still a pretty good effort under the circumstances and I was proud of him.

A four hour gap between tests is not desirable and when I pulled him back out of the stall to saddle him he was half asleep. I probably didn’t ride my best either as it had already been a 12 hour day and not enough sleep the night before so that all played a part. Still super happy with him and he did try so hard. We ended up 9th in the field and I then gave him a well deserved bath and feed whilst we waited for the presentation.

I knew we wouldn’t win anything but I think it is still so important to attend the presentation and be a good sport, that also means you have to be good when you lose.

Ah yes another quote “Winning without grace is not winning” and I believe that also if you do not win you have to be happy for those that did. I simply wasn’t good enough on the day and whilst I wasn’t happy at the time, I realised that I just needed to perform better. Perhaps I got a bit lazy as we seem to always place, whatever it was; it will not happen again.

I will train the next fortnight like a crazy person until the next outing and hopefully do better.  I could have helped Moo a lot more in the corners and been more balanced. That comes down to rider fitness and balance. 😦 So a new fitness regime is in place and will be more intense. IMG_0354

Anyway, I do not wallow for long and I have my head back in the game.

We didn’t go home empty handed; we did win Pinkest Horse of the Day and received this lovely Saddle Pad.

Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x

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