Coffs Coast Jump Club

Mr Potato Head and I travelled to Coffs Harbour last Saturday so that we could attend the last training day for 2017 at The Coffs Coast Jump Club;  and what a day was to be had!!!

I took a pre-competition Helfie (that’s what I call a Horse Selfie). The Helfie is becoming a Melissa Rose trend and so here it is…

I am sporting my lovely pink Earlwood Equine Hat and the Blue and Navy Polo Shirt. The material is perfect and the shirt is so comfortable to ride in.

You can find them both by clicking hereIMG_1982.JPG

We travelled the highway and got there in good time, at about 8:30am. Moo was as cool as a cucumber. See Exhibit A below…IMG_2007.JPG

I’m starting to really love the zone that my Moo is in hey.

He has become such a great partner and he doesn’t panic or spook when we attend new places.

Our relationship is rock solid and we are experiencing this journey together and for that I am so grateful.

He is truly trusting that when I take him somewhere, I have his back and he knows that I will not let any harm come to him. Do you know that is the truth of it though, I wouldn’t let anyone harm him and I would jump in front of a bullet to save him. I know that.


I was also sporting my black arm band as it was my first outing since Gill Rolton had passed away.

I am quite sure everyone in the horse world knows who she is. Gill was not only a duel gold medallist and my hero, but she was also a massive supporter of other riders and a person who gave so much to the Equestrian Community and our Country.

We are so fortunate that she lived her life in the way that she did, and she will be missed by so many people, including me. I tip my hat to you Mrs Rolton. May you Rest In Peace




I decided I would get on Mooey Ganooey nice and early and go and have a look at the course…

Moo was like… “Hmmm; what are those?”

I think the course seemed to run nicely.

As a previous Show Jumper I know that one of the hardest things is always a hard turn to the left or the right near the Judges stand.

And sure enough they had both a left and a right that ran straight there! LOL

So I thought I would start at a very small course and see how Moo would go.

And then we wouldn’t jump the first jump. Oh my, Moo saw the start flags and said a big “NO”, “NO”, “NO”

Then we kept trying, see video below.

It was very um, no; ah, ok; um, no; ah, ok but we got there in the end and I was proud as punch of the prodigy!

And then the second round…

He took a bit of convincing, but for a horse that has never completed a Show Jumping round before, I see the huge potential here and I have set the goal for our first Show Jumping Competition early in 2018 at a local Agricultural show with the view to our first Cross Country event before June 2018.

I tried a few practice fences after the round.




And I thought hang on, we have something good here!




So we tried cantering toward the small cross rail…


That went really super.

So we then went up to 50cm

This may not seem high, but it is super high for a horse that hasn’t jumped a show jump round before!

And then I thought, well let’s try an Oxer.





Lovely Approach Much!!





Pretty Happy!!!




See the video below of the practice fence…

What I have now is a Novice Dressage horse that understands the concept of a Show Jump. He can run and gallop and is super fit, so perhaps I have an eventer???

The best thing about the three rounds was that there was only a single rail dropped.

Moo already gets it that he must go over the fences.

Not a single refusal after we got him over the first fence, nor a run-out.

I couldn’t have been prouder of this guy.

I am so excited for the future and all that it will bring.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x 

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