NCEC Xmas Hack Show

IMG_2417Moo and I attended the North Coast Equestrian Club T-Shirt Hack Show. I was absolutely stoked that I could ride and possibly win ribbons on my Birthday!

Doesn’t get any better than that I reckon!! 🙂

Mr Potato Head hasn’t been to a Hack Show before and I knew that it would be a bit confusing for him. He has done a year of Dressage Competitions, attended a Pony Club Camp, attended a Show Jumping Club and now a Hack Show.

I keep trying to mix it up and throw situations at him that he may not be used to. Sure, he might spook a little and get anxious, but working through fear, not avoiding it, is how downloadyou overcome fear eventually.

Plus, if Mooey and I have to fly to the Olympics one day, he will need to be prepared for things that may be stressful wont’ he! (Dreams, Dreams, Dreams) 



I had to stop and get fuel and Moo was very keen to help out.

Also a pre-competition Helfie needed to be done, and here it is!  He’s so beautiful.

Then I arrived and picked the most executive park that I could, not too shady, and a not too sunny spot that is not too close to anyone, but close enough to the ring that he is not hiding from the happenings! Lot’s of requirements for my parking and a lot of thought goes into it. lol



It was then time to oil his legs and paint his hooves to make him look handsome for the Led Class. I was sporting my Earlwood Equine Polo Shirt and matching Cap.



I am so proud to wear these items and I truly love the material of these shirts. They are breathable and comfortable and let’s be honest; they look fantastic!!

I hadn’t ever plaited Moo’s tail before, normally it is clipped, but I gave it a go and it looked “OK”.

Then it was time for the led class. Now, I didn’t realise, but Mooey thought we were at the Races. He was being led around in a circle with a bunch of other Thoroughbred’s. Moo was like “Ah ok, I am here to run so I will prance around like I am at the track.” It’s a good thing I don’t let much get to me these days so to say it would have been fun to watch from the fence would have been an understatement!


You can probably guess that not only did we not win the 3 Led Classes, we didn’t place either, but eventually it looked like this…





Moo’s ability to overcome stress and get on with it in such a short amount of time always gives me the confidence that not only is he trainable and willing. We truly have build such a wonderful friendship and partnership and I am so grateful for him putting his faith in me.



Super Impressed with him here!!

We then entered the Maiden Hack Class.



This class is perfect for a newbie to the Hack world and I think for a first go, Mr Potato Head did marvellously.  I was so proud of him. 🙂

I think my face says it all, a lilac ribbon and a 6th Place!!

We then went into the Intermediate Hack and the Open over 16hh class and the Class for over 35 year old’s. That’s me!!! 🙂

In between classes we kept our focus on working and training and I was working on our Leg Yielding and Shoulder-in. Not only are these great exercises, they are wonderful when your horse is maybe not paying attention to you. IMG_2450

The sideways movement makes him use the other side of his brain to make decisions and think about hoof placement rather than the emotional side of his brain so this helped Moo relax and become more supple.

By 11:30am the heat and humidity was well and truly out and about and I decided to call it a day.

He had been a little excited in the morning which had caused a sweat-up and I didn’t want to overdo it and wear out my best mate.

His welfare is so important to me and even though I love Ribbons, his health and well-being will trump Ribbons and Trophies any day of the week!!



Then there was a kiss for my special guy.

What a fabulous day. Three 6th place Ribbons, an awesome day out and heaps more memories and photographs. One of the best days ever! 🙂

I gave my partner a well deserved bath and then a drink before putting him on the float and taking him home.





Mr Potato Head is  now on a well deserved rest and spell. Just time to be a horse, living in a big paddock with a dam and lots of trees.

No rugs and no worries. Hakuna Matata mate! 

Moo will do some light walking and trotting in a few weeks and be back in Training from the second week in January 2018.

Have a Happy Holiday to everyone!! 🙂

No matter how you spend your time, what your Religion is, and whatever else you do that makes you the awesome individual that you are; I sincerely wish you, your family, your friends and your pets (horses or otherwise) good health and happiness as we move into a new year; 2018.

Moo and I look forward to hearing all of your adventures next year.



On another note Mr Flashdance aka Freddy has been able to Walk and Trot without any sign of lameness so fingers crossed my awesome buddy will be back for the 2018 Competition Calendar.

I miss riding the big red guy x

Watch this space.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x
















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