Mondays with Moo & Mel – Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Moo and his training is going well. This video was just part of the warm-up, but I am starting on asking him to stay in a Rhythm and to not make me carry his head. It’s his head and he should carry it, not me.

Yes we still have quarters in. Sure my lower leg needs work; but let’s focus on the positives! My hands are awesome, my horse is willing and has an wonderful Canter that can only be transformed into Unicorn like stuff. I giggle when something goes wrong and I love life.

And anyway, this is not a place for me to post perfect video’s!!

Riding and identifying things you can improve on is how training works and it’s the only way to personal growth and smashing goals!

The little buck near the end was my fault, he makes me laugh. He has a way of correcting me too! Ah… I love him

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x

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