Happy Australia Day 2018

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to do a post to say how grateful I am to live in Australia and how fortunate I am to live in a country that supports all of us, no matter our race, creed or beliefs.

We have access to Doctors, Hospitals, Welfare and Charities, Vets for our beloved animals and enough food for everyone I know to eat. I know that others are not as fortunate and that keeps me grounded.

My hope is one day we can all live in peace and harmony and really appreciate and respect each other.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x


7 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day 2018

  1. Mel this is such a wonderful post and video. Over here there has been a big social media storm about a rider whose ride was shown on a live stream and then the cyber bullies had a feast day. I have not seen the ride but it seems there may have been some harsh treatment of the horse during and just after the ride. But there has been a maelstrom of social media vindictiveness and argy bargy. So seeing your lovely Aussie Day post with flags, color and sunshine has made my day. And a 60 is a perfectly respectable score. This will improve with more miles and more fly spray.


    1. Anne, thank you, what a lovely comment x

      I’m not sure what to say about the cyber bullying but I see it from two sides.

      Firstly, if the horse was mistreated then the person who has done this needs to be dealt with under the animal cruelty act and reprimanded to the full extent of the law and the horse association they are affiliated with.

      Two, cyber bullying helps nobody really I think. It doesn’t help the horse first and foremost and really in a situation like that the horses best interest is what counts. Also for a person to be cruel to a horse they must have some anger issues that need to be dealt with. And then again cyber bullying doesn’t help, it turns the situation into a negative when what the horse and rider need is some positives!!!! And some help.

      As for me, I think more miles is what I need, the fly spray was an issue, but really I need to get some more work in studying and getting lessons to get him working more through the back and riding into the contact.

      So yes, bad flies, but also Mel is on a learning curve and Moo is being awesomely patient!

      Hope things with you are fantastic also. I have no doubt they are. I love reading your Blog and adventures.

      Mel x

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      1. As i said i did not see the video. I think if the rider was really doing something bad to the horse the judges should have eliminated her if it was in the ring and outside the ring the Steward or TD should have put a stop to it and reported the rider to the National Federation or the FEI if the rider was competing in a CDI. I’m not sure what the real details of all this are but it really has been sweeping social media in the US. Anyway…..on to brighter things!

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