Summerland Dressage Club

Hey Everyone,

Here we go again πŸ™‚

2018 has come upon us quickly.

Mr Potato Head and I attended The Twilight Series #1 on Saturday, 20th January.


I was fluffing around getting ready and Moo was like.. Staring at something, so I had a look and well… there were cows right near us.

Firstly I just want to know how half tonne cows seem to be able to get so close without me knowing? It is one of the big questions I think πŸ™‚

I thought nothing of it and Moo was okay, so he continued Cow Staring while I continued my routine of getting ready.

I had arrived about 1pm and I was due to ride at 3pm so everything was awesome. I love to be early and be warmed up properly. I don’t like to rush around and Moo loves having some time to graze and just hang out.

We have come such a long way. Last year I couldn’t tie him to the float, he wouldn’t stand still. Nor could I saddle him without a bunch of swaying and carrying on, Β so this picture has made me smile just looking at it.

May I also get you to take note of my outfit. How executive is it???!!! πŸ™‚

Brand spanking new Peter Williams La Grange Breeches and Red and White Pinstripe long sleeve Show Shirt. These items are fabulous, they look fabulous, they feel fabulous…

Did I mention they are fabulous! I am so happy with them. I felt like a million bucks as I was mounting my trusty steed. Β See Video Below.

We walked into the showground with all the buzz of horses warming up, cars and loud speakers and Moo was chilling on a loose rein, I thought this is going to be a great day! I was pumped.

Then something happened. Moo started to swish his tail and stamp his feet (very unlike Moo) and I noticed that the flies had come!!…

Now I’m not talking about the kind of flies that you may see somewhere when you are taking a walk. I’m talking about the kind of flies that draw blood, that movies are made about, the ones that keep you up at night. He kicked himself with his shoe and I thought for sure he had drawn blood, but I got lucky he only had a little scratch on his back leg and there was not a sign of blood.

We were in the Arena closest to the entry and Moo not being quite 100% desensitised to the Competition lifestyle, still looked when horses were entering the ground, startled if people came too close to the Arena or yelled and waived about test papers as they rode by.

Sure, there was some etiquette that could have avoided some of this and yes I am aware that sometimes people have zero manners. But it is “what happens” at a show and it effected our performance, but that is okay. I don’t do excuses, it is what it is and we did our best and I am proud of him.

He is doing remarkably well and now is not a time to be unhappy with a 60% score in our first test for the day! I am super proud for him to get an average of 6 with all of this going on.

There was a hour and a half break to the second test and it just got hotter and the flies got worse 😦

I had insect repellent and it simply didn’t work (full responsibility here). They just ate at his legs and he was not a happy camper at all…. He tried, but he just couldn’t concentrate.

He still did a better test than I could have hoped for under the conditions and got a solid 61% for the Preliminary 1:1. Very happy with both of these scores and we did pretty well compared to others and ended up middle field.

We were out of the ribbons on this occasion but we came nowhere near last in both tests and that is something I am super proud of.

Then it was time for a well deserved bath and some ice boots. Moo was happy again πŸ™‚

I love this pic and I love my hippo. He is heaven sent.


So, next Twilight Series (#2) buy some “Fly kick butt” kind of fly spray and do exactly the same without the flies and we should hopefully improve on our scores.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x

5 thoughts on “Summerland Dressage Club

  1. Hahaha I do like how you specify the flies, but one thing I’ve learned is everything is bigger and 2x as dangerous in Australia. It just is LOL But it sounds like you guys did well! 60 and plus is always better than below it, right? Good for you and Moo! You two look so sweet in that last photo ❀

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    1. Thanks mate for the lovely comment. Isn’t he adorable! I’m so lucky πŸ€—πŸ€— Yes I’m super happy with 60! He’s a unicorn πŸ¦„ and yes we do have some of the most deadliest and terrifying snakes and spiders here. And our fly population just won’t give up in this weather. They have the “never give up” Aussie attitude maybe lol πŸ˜‚

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  2. You guys did great in all that!!!!
    At one show, flies came down and absolutely INFESTED Valiosas ears. Grass mini flies, biting!!! She went nuts of course…. never again herbal fly spray at shows…


      1. Wait!! No!
        It was the herbal spray that was the complete failure, don’t buy! I had been given a really nice smelling, all natural, new product, and I was so excited to use it at the show, since my mare is gray and oil based (stronger) sprays end up looking “gunky” on her.
        Anyway, the herbal spray did NOTHING. The little biting grass flies settled in to her ears and started biting, she was tied to the trailer while I got my show clothes on, and she was bleeding within minutes!
        It was a complete waste of a spray for more “serious” insects, and I think you’ve got plenty of those down there.
        I like Phyrana (spelling?) It’s a yellow bottle with black text, yep, leaves gunk on a gray horse, but ALL insects stay away for the duration of a show πŸ™‚

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