Summerland Dressage Club – Twilight #2

Hey Everyone,

I am a Twilight Fan, even though the story has plot holes, but that is for another time. It’s funny how whenever I see the word “Twilight” I think of Vampires; talk about good marketing by Hollywood; but I digress… πŸ™‚

The Twilight Series at Summerland Dressage Club is going swimmingly! Twilight #2 was cancelled to the 3rd March, but Twilight #3 (which is now #2) was on last weekend!

See video below for a full explanation.

I was super excited to get better scores this time and took some “super duper fly spray” to make sure that the horror flies would not effect us again.

Last time, just to remind you, we got a 60% for Preparatory A and a 60.90% for the9503B66A-EF6C-46AC-A5F7-3F181EEE3854 Preliminary 1:1.

This time out I wanted to be nearer to my usual scores and do so much better.

A pre-competition Helfie was again a thing πŸ™‚

Loving my Earlwood Equine gear still and wear the Polo Shirt and Cap everywhere !

Moo did his first test, the Preliminary 1:3 and went super. I was really proud of him. I made a few mistakes with the downward transitions and the free walk, which I do believe cost us a fair few percent (grrr) and we ended up with 61.96% and equal 7th.

I will have to ride correctly next time! There was only 4% difference in the first seven placings so you need to bring your A-game. You can’t make mistakes and then expect to place, not in a field of 20 horses! So again, my errors and Moo was a superstar!

I also got to sport some new Peter Williams Riding Apparel competition wear. vest

The Ladies Blue Show Vest looked so so good. It is such a wonderfully tailored vest with a satin lining and beautiful regal style buttons. The stitching is of a top quality and it is such a pretty colour. I did get a fair few comments on it throughout the day.

I also wore the Classic White Satin Stock. I felt like a princess!

We then did the Preparatory E and I rode it the best I could. His figure 8 of circles at X was just lovely and he scored a 7.5 for the Serpentine.

He stumbled when I asked for the walk steps, mid change of rein when you come down from the trot, but that is not his fault, the grass was a little slippery and I should have rode it better!!!!

We managed to get a 66.32% and a fourth place! I was and still am extremely happy about this! We were only 3% off the winning score and I think we did the best test we could, and you can’t do better than your best!! πŸ™‚

see Video below…

We had a wonderful day together and we look forward to the final part of the Twilight Series on 3rd March. This has been a bucket list item of mine to compete in this series and I will be able to tick it off and move onto the next item.

Here is our end of competition day video, which is becoming a thing also lol

I hope everyone is happy and smiling.

Mel x



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