Happy Birthday Buck

Buck is the most wonderful friend and the best dog ever.

I know, I know there was Lassie and the littlest Hobo, but my guy is super special. I’m calling it.

Buck is a black and white border collie with just a hint of Irish wolfhound. He has the typical markings but with deeper brown eyes and a small pink patch on one of his front pads. To me, he is perfect.


This picture was the first night he was in my life.

The little girl is Chloe my best friends oldest child,Β who is now 21!! Where does the time go???



This was his first collar πŸ’•

He has recently decided he likes balls.





After 11 years of not fetching a ball, only Frisbee’s and sticks in the ocean he decides to pick up a ball in 2016. It will never make sense to me, but he is funny like that!!

I have taught him to speak and he communicates with me most of the time. Except when he is grumpy. For example, say he wants some of my dinner and i say no, he will turn away from me and face into the wall and ignore me. If I try to talk to him he will pretend he cant hear me until I finally say he can have some food. The dog is a genius at getting what he wants!!

He grunts and sounds like he is oinking like a pig when he has a teddy bear in his mouth and if I have been away he yelps at me and tells me all of what happened while I was gone.

He has a love of cheese slices and toast that can only come from me. His favourite time is when I have a cup of tea and make Sao’s with butter. He likes his butter.

When I first got him I worked on an equestrian centre. I was trying to teach him to lead a horse with the help of my friend (pictured).

Buck at Sterntaler 2.jpg


He has been with me through the good, the bad and the ugly and he never leaves my side. If I need him he is there and he loves me in a way I could only have hoped for.

21 November 2013 4

His favourite place is the ocean. Not a creek, a river or a dam. That will not do. He loves the beach. He loves to fetch sticks, run, dig and lay in the sand. He loves to make sure that when he does dig he throws sand on mummy.Β 11 August 2013




Of a night when he is sleepy, he loves to be kissed goodnight. He loves it when I sing him a lullaby and put my hand on his chest while he breaths.

He loves me laying on the floor and we stretch our paw and hand out and he holds my hand under his and looks at me and smiles. These moments are the best part of my day.

So, Happy 13th birthday my beautiful boy.

I love you buddy. Best 13 years ever x

Let’s get to 14 mate x x

Happy Birthday