This morning I got to thinking…


What’s the go with people and their First-world issues?????

I’ve had my fair share of complaints from strangers and non-strangers today and it isn’t even midday!!

Allow me to set the scene…

This morning the train I use to commute to work wasn’t running, it had been replaced by a bus. There was a pretty good reason for this; there was a points failure, but that doesn’t need to be mentioned in order for this story to continue. I digress.

So I thought hmm, do I catch the bus or do I wait for the 7:35 to come. See these people that work in the transport industry are pretty savvy at getting people where they want to go. So I went up to the coffee store, got one to go and sat back on the platform to wait it out. I was listening to Puddle of Mud (spin you around, love that song) and this guy on the platform was just so upset.


I actually stopped my music to hear what he was saying.

You would think that he had been told the town had no water for the reaction he had!!!

To say it was over the top would be an understatement. I felt the need to put a stop to it, reactions like that can be infectious.

I sipped a sip of my morning coffee. Swallowed. Prepared myself for battle and calmly said, “It could be worse”.

He spun around to look at me, almost giving himself whiplash in the meantime and said “WHAT!!!”

I repeated “it could be worse”

giphy (2)I felt like I should use my hand in a Jedi type fashion at this point, using The Force to instruct him to be silent.

You will settle down. You will not lose it over this situation. There is nothing to discuss here.

But alas, I have no such powers!!

“How could it be worse???” he said. I couldn’t actually believe this sentence came out of his mouth but I felt the need to answer.

“Well” I said. “There are people in hospital right now but it isn’t you and me. There are people being held against their will or in an accident as we speak, but it isn’t you and me. There are people who do not have a job to commute to, but it isn’t you and me. It could be worse. Here we are sipping coffee in the morning sunshine. Yeah we will be a little late, but gee we are so much better off than some people”

I felt as though this stranger and I “had a moment”. He said “you are so right” (I was pretty sure I was too). He calmed down instantly and sat and started to go onto his Facebook on his phone, all the panic gone.

I almost have Jedi Powers!

There’s a peace with me today. A peace that this world would go on without me. That things can come and go, but really precious time is wasted with first-world issues.

Today, let us all think of everything we have. People that love us, horses to ride, jobs to go to and a calmness knowing that it ain’t that bad!

Hugs to all, Mel x



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