To buy or not to buy…

Hey Everyone, 

A few weeks ago I travelled up north to see a Warmblood…  See this is what happened… 

I love my OTTB’s, I do. I love them so much and I love everything about them, but then I rode a Warmblood. 


You know that moment when you get out of your 1977 Holden model car and Sebastian Vettel pulls up and says “get in”, it’s kind of like that !!!

As  per normal I had to take photo’s of everything. I have this thing where I need to document stuff. 



It was a super drive. The view was breathtaking. I felt so happy to be on an adventure… 🙂

Then I saw this gate. And at that moment, yes I decided, a gate like that is in my future. 






giphy (1)


How good would it be to drive through two horse head statues each time you leave your home!! Like seriously isn’t that the kind of stuff dreams are made of? I think yes 

I needed to see some of the sights.


I can’t handle going somewhere and not getting all the obligatory pics of statues and stuff.

I love old buildings… 

And there’s a statue. It’s a statue of Thomas Joseph Byrnes, a former Premier of Queensland. 





So this is what I was going to see.




I know right, talk about ridiculously good looking!! giphy.gif





She rode wonderfully, although to be honest it’s harder to ride a gait like that then I thought. It’s so much more forward and has so much more cadence then a thoroughbred; sorry Moo… 

I liked her, I really did, but I didn’t feel it!

I didn’t feel that thing I think i’m supposed to feel. When I meet a horse or ride a horse that I feel is “meant for me” I can feel it.

Does that sound a bit ridiculous? perhaps , but I’m a bit of  a dreamer. I think it’s much like when you meet someone you love; I see my horses the same. I have to instantly love them. 

It’s a shame because I know she is beautiful to ride and a wonderful horse and she will go places. 

So I went to the pub for lunch and then took a picture at the Big Shears…

You have to take these kinds of photographs I reckon.


So my search continues for my Warmblood, but I am loving the adventure.

It is making me smile. …. 🙂

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling 

Mel x 

9 thoughts on “To buy or not to buy…

  1. Yes the Warmblood gaits are often BIG. If you are trying them do make sure you feel that you can sit the trot. Some have nice big cadenced trots that take you with them and others have trots that bounce you out of the saddle. But if you get the right feeling for the whole horse then you could learn to sit that horse. Besides that an ordinary trot can be made to look fabulous. If the horse has a good walk and canter then the trot can improve with good training. Carl Hester talks about that all the time and he does not want to see those big “show horse” trots all the time. I’m blabbering on here but I am looking forward to seeing other posts about your search for a Warmblood. Oh…. and do look into the breeding. In Warmbloods there are some sires who pass on traits that are ok for professional riders and not so good for anyone else. Sandro Hit =hot. Weltmeyer = odd screw loose in some of the offspring. DeNiro= rideable and good temperament. Enough from me!!!

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    1. A wealth of knowledge thank you x pls don’t think you are rambling, I want and appreciate your advice. The one I looked at was a Weltmeyer offspring. I’m starting to study the breeding and track the offspring! Learnig so much. I’m off to ride a grand prix horse today and get some lessons. I want to know what I’m doing!!! I follow Charlotte and she says the same, a good walk and canter is best. My moo has a fabulous walk and canter and I make his trot look better! I will take your advice on making sure I can sit the trot. Please let me know if you think of anyrhing else. Its taken me years to be in a financial position where I can do this so I want to get it right! Xxxx

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      1. Don’t be rushed into anything. You can always try the horse twice or more and maybe if possible have someone video you on the horse as well. I like doing that and find it very helpful. Speaking from my experience and a few others I’ve known i would be very cautious about a Weltmeyer.

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  2. How exciting! Take your time finding the right one! It’s out there! Myself I haven’t dared to start dreaming of a warmblood… They’re ridiculously expensive over here. Aaaand. With some of the things I like to do on the side with my horses, I’m not convinced we’re a perfect fit. In the showring, they’re the absolute way to go. Their gaits are fantastic, and I feel ridiculous sometimes when I ride my own next to them. But, I also see how it sometimes “takes a village” to train and ride them, and manage them in turnout etc, and then I’m happy to stay a little more simple 🙂 You’re going to LOVE having a well moving horse – I think once you go there there’s no turning back! I’ll stay tuned to see what you find 🙂

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    1. It is so exciting! I rode two imported horses this weekend and i am hooked! No turning back now. They are ridiculously expensive, but wow, they are amazing aren’t they! Their temperament and movement is top knotch! I know what you mean avout takibg a village, my whole world will change. It feels incresible to have a well moving horse, i couldn’t sit the trot or get the canter first go to start with. But when I got it, boom! Wow! 🦄🦄🦄💕💕


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