Melbourne Dressage Trip…

On the weekend I went interstate and went to Melbourne. It wasn’t like a few weeks ago where I became a time-traveller when I went to Queensland, but it was still awesome.

Allow me to explain…

It was daylight savings a few weeks ago so I did travel back an hour when I crossed the New South Wales border into Queensland and then forward an hour upon my return. tt

Fear not, I didn’t meet my other self or change the present day, but it’s still fun to think that somehow my teenage fantasy of owning a Delorean and going to 1955 with Michael J Fox lives strong πŸ™‚

But I digress…

There were no flights that I could catch that could meet my connecting train from Melbourne to Garfield so I caught the train the entire way.

Yes, that’s right I caught three trains in a row and people say I am not brave!

And so it began…

Goodbye Maitland…

The train to Sydney was twenty five late so instead of 33 minutes between connections I had eight, but I made it.



I don’t sleep well at the best of times but put in the shakiest tracks in Australia and you had a girl with no sleep.

I had been up since 5am on the Thursday morning so by the time I hit Melbourne I had been awake for 26 hours, give or take a five minute doze here or there.

I hired a car and I then heard that flights into Melbourne had been cancelled due to haze so I got lucky that I didn’t fly or I would have been later. Yay!


I normally drive a Triton so trying to drive this small car on the Motorway was not my finest idea. There was a time there when I thought I would surely be killed as I was stuck between an oversize truck and a person who couldn’t drive!

What an awesome combination.


But then I saw the sign and I had made it πŸ™‚

I like small towns.

I like how cute they are and how they have just enough of what you need so I went for an explore to see the sights.





I love the movies. They have a Theatre.




I love stores named after me..







I love stores that sell horse gear… 15




I love stores that sell lollies.

Okay, tell me where to sign, I could live here!

Then it was off for a lesson.

I felt so fortunate to be able to ride such a beautiful horse. She had been imported a few months earlier and had such a lovely nature.

It was different to ride, different than a OTTB and I had to take some time to adjust. I had never ridden in a double bridle before either so that was something new. I worked on some basics in this lesson and I really enjoyed it! It was super.


Then I went back for a little snooze. I had found this lovely little B&B behind the picture Theatre and I was sleepy after my big day.

I had far too many pieces of toast before I retired for the night watching Rules of Engagement.

The next morning I went to Brewsters Foodstore and had breakfast. It was quite nice. I had eggs on toast (poached), that is my staple breakfast if there are no Wheet Bix available.

I went back out and watched 4Β  or so lessons before I had my next one. This lesson was better than the day before. This horse was bold and charming and wonderful. He was more than I can ride at the moment, I can admit that, but he let me feel my mistakes and he was a horse that was patient enough to allow me to learn.

I did my first flying change ever, yeah late behind 😦 but still awesome!

I left there thinking it was a wonderful journey. I had pushed myself hard, wore myself out and I was exhausted, but sometimes those moments are the ones that keep you going and remind you how awesome living really is.

By the way, yes I did get a picture of this in my head a lot over the weekend!!!!!!!!


Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x






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