Tackless Riding…

Hey Everyone,

As I type this I realise I should maybe call it ‘Tackless Tuesday’ and do my tackless video’s on Tuesday’s! Thoughts?

Years ago, in another life time, Billy and I did our Level 1 Parelli Program and started our tackless journey.

I guess along the way that was put on the back burner and I decided to stay with my goal of riding dressage. This is not a bad goal as dressage is the most awesome thing in the world. To spend my time dancing with my horses between a bunch of letters is a dream come true for me!!

Luckily, I have always trained my horses both in natural horsemanship and classical dressage so they have always known the basics of going tackless. It just will take that extra bit of time (and courage) to go tackless.

I don’t think it will take too much time to get them to where I want to go because they are at such a good place to begin with.Β That’s not because I am a genius or naturally gifted and I dare not use the words “horse whisperer” that seem to be way overused but I digress…. It’s because my horses have been taught respect and leadership and I am already the head of our clan. Lucky me πŸ™‚

So, with nothing to lose, off I go!!


Fred is gentle, tactile and has such a fantastic personality. He is almost human and so responsive to me and my thoughts. I think that he will make a fantastic tackless horse.

It’s the end of an era with our Dressage days as he has arthritis now and so we move onto a new venture in our lives together. I have some awesome pictures for my wall though !! πŸ™‚


Last year, as you will recall from my YouTube Channel, I decided to start tricks with him and I really saw a wonderful side to him. He is quite funny and he is so engaged when it comes to playing.Β  He makes me laugh out loud when we are in a paddock alone and you can’t beat that!

So the other day I thought I’d start our tackless riding journey. I started of course at a sensible level and of course with a helmet!Β 111

See below…

The next step is to make sure your horse is tuned into you. I have already done the Parelli games with Fred years ago and of course he still remembers that.

We are not awesome at them, but they are in a good enough place for me to feel confident he has my back.

Fred also isn’t afraid of me in any way and I am not afraid of him at all. I think if you are going to ride tackless you really don’t want to be doing that with a horse that is afraid and you can’t be afraid of your horse either.

So then it’s time to get on…

And finally our first ride and practice changing direction…

I’m loving this adventure with Fred. I’m loving how happy he feels and how awesome it feels to be trusting my boy and allowing him to have a mouth with no bit.

He has taken to it like a fish to water and loving the easy going nature of it.

I Β loved how it felt to be so calm and just walk around and allow him to be free. He loved it.

Stay tuned for more tackless.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x






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