Goal Setting the Mel way…

Hey Everyone,

I have now added a page on my site about Goal Setting.


I never realised how important Goal Setting was, not just for riding, but for all parts of my life. I’ve always had “plans”, but plans and goals are so different.

In the last 8 months I have realised there are always days that are harder than others, always things that will trip you up or get in your way and always an excuse to do nothing about either of them and lay on the floor and cry. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought of the last one more than once!

But every now and again, even amongst hard moments you can still stay the course and achieve your goals, whether they are big or small matters not; it is the doing that counts.

I have coined a few quotes this year:

“Make Time; Not Excuses”

“Live with Fear or Face your Fear; you can’t have both”

Writing down quotes is easy, living by them is the tough ask, but you can if you remind yourself every day that you are awesome and that the life you want is right there, just go and get it.

Studying why we set goals and how to turn dreams into plans is the mindset change that started this journey for me. It is so important to realise what part of your brain you need to set and achieve goals, and how you must have a focus and stay the course. Find your own True North and never deviate from this path.

I almost feel as if I had been treading water up until 2016, not living to my full potential and not pushing myself to a place that was way out of my comfort zone.

Doing this has not meant that I suddenly am selected for the Australian Olympic Team. It means that I am closer to that dream than I was when I hadn’t started. Maybe I will get there, maybe not, but that is not the dream nor the goal.

The goal is to improve each day, be a better person, a better rider, a better friend and a better partner to my furry hippo’s who bring me so much joy. The riding goals are set to keep building on top of each other and pushing me to do things I would not normally do and eventually who knows what will be in my future. I just keep finding things that I haven’t done and I would like to do. This year is the Championships in September, next year is the CDI, I just keep on keeping on.

Last night I entered a Championship event coming up. I missed out last year but I qualified finally for this. Another goal ticked off.

It is now up to the balloting and the committee to decide if I can compete and I await that, but that doesn’t mean I did not reach my goal; the goal was to qualify.

I guess that is the reminder also, you can’t set goals that rely on others to achieve them!

I know that this is the biggest event Moo and I have been too and I am not sure how either of us will handle it, but what I do know is that we will be side by side and we will have a ball! The rest is a bonus. I trust myself though, that I can do this and I trust Moo with my life. Surely that will see us come out of it successfully. There is 40 riders in each class, normally I aim for a top 10 finish and it will be no different here.

Wherever you are today, grab a journal and write down five things you always have wanted to do and go do them.

~ A good life happens by choice; not by chance.

Onward and Upward.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x



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