Power of Pink 2018

Hey Everyone,

Mr Potato Head and I ventured to the Tweed Valley Equestrian Group Power of Pink Dressage day for 2018.

We went last year and loved it so much we decided to go back.

Throw back Thursday coming up ! Β 


This is from last year. Ah I love this picture, he was painted with pink paint on his socks and had crepe paper all over him!

We ended up winning the Pinkest horse of the dayΒ in 2017 but came home outside of the places in the Preliminary Dressage.

I didn’t really ride well enough and Moo just wasn’t quite settled enough last year into this whole dressage game.

Being an OTTB would be hard and I am so proud of him from transforming from a race horse into a sure footed and trusty competition partner in the dressage arena.

This year was fantastic and even though it was raining on and off, Moo and I and a bunch of other competitors went out to support a good cause. The club announced that this marked the 10 year Anniversary of holding this event and through these days they have raised over $100,000 toward Breast Cancer Research.

Claps all round to the Committee, Volunteers and the Judges that donated there time for this event. Β I have put my hand up to volunteer next year, it’s lovely to ride but even better to be able to help.

I decided to enter Moo into the show jumping. He has been going super and we have been at 50cm for a while as he has been working out his feet and legs and balance over a fence. I have been waiting for Moo to feel that it is time to go up a little and although I have been encouraging him, I do not want to force him. I want him to choose to jump and do it boldly and willingly.

I put him in the 40cm and we trotted the first round. He was quite happy with that and we went clear and into a jump off which we subsequently won and Moo received his first ribbon in show jumping!

There was no 50cm at this event so I decided to enter him into the 60cm to see what happened. Well, clearly Moo is ready to rock’n’roll because he sailed over all of them except for one (yes, it was my mistake) and we ended up in a nice fifth place.


I could not wipe the smile from my face.

See evidence ! πŸ™‚

We decided to give the Novice 2:1 a try, in the past we have scored a 59.9% and a 61.1% and a 2018 goal of mine was to crack 65% in Novice.

It isn’t an easy ask but I gave it my best shot and in the slight rain my beautiful hippo went on to score a personal best of 65.18% and earn us a fifth place against some pretty lovely combinations.

I was and am so happy! Days later I am still smiling πŸ™‚

Blue Ribbon Photography has blessed me with this beautiful picture to keep and I plan to have this one blown up and put on the wall.


I drove home with a sound horse, a few ribbons and a wonderful day riding for a good cause.

Days don’t get much better than that.

Wherever you are in the world I hope you are smiling.

Mel x