Find your Inner Swan

Hey Everyone,


A couple of days ago someone I work with was on a bit of a downer so I drew a picture and put it on the board for them to see the next morning in the hope to brighten their day.

I wrote “Find your inner Swan” next to it.

At the time I thought it would simply remind them that everyone, even if they feel like a duckling (ugly or not), you can always choose to be a swan; you can always feel like a swan and act like a swan no matter what. The message is simple in the ugly duckling story; you are not what others perceive you to be.

The more I look at the picture when I walk into work the more I realise that it’s a message we should all take on board, especially me.

Sometimes, we see ourselves as Swans and at other times the Duckling (ugly or not).

Sometimes we all limit ourselves to what others see us as, or even what we may perceive ourselves to be.

Sometimes being brave is simply living your life and reaching your goals despite the background noise.

I drew this as a first draft and realise the look I put on the ducklings face. It is a look of complete and utter indifference to what others may believe about him. It is also a complete look of indifference to his reflection. In his mind, he is a Swan.

Last night I sat down to start to think about my 2019 goals and for the first time in years I stalled and stumbled. When I wrote down my 2017 and 2018 goals I felt as the duckling; like I was dreaming I could ever be a swan, that I was kidding myself that I could accomplish any of these dreams and goals of mine; but I did.

Was it because I was always a Swan or was it because I refused to be the duckling? I don’t know the answer to that.

I believe we all have self doubt, especially in the realm of sport and success. We put a great deal on the line to do this and there are only ever a handful that make it to the podium at the Olympics and have a medal around their neck.

Will I be one of the few? Who knows, maybe. Maybe not.

But the fear of failing or not achieving my goals will never make me stop dreaming or reaching for the stars.

What I do know is that I am a Swan and long may it continue.

Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

Mel x





3 thoughts on “Find your Inner Swan

  1. Very true! The bathroom in the barn I ride at has a wall of encouraging quotes: Be your own kind of beautiful, happiness is a journey not a destination, life is not measured by how many breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away etc. There are more but that’s what I can remember.

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      1. Just as an aside….most of the quotes are on the wall that you see when you are seated on the “throne”but for men,who remain standing they are facing the “be your own kind of beautiful “. My husband thinks that’s great! 🀣


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