Bring on 2019

Hey everyone,

2018 has had its ups and downs I think for us all πŸ€”

I never talk of my downs so let’s just leave it at that. Better to focus on the positives in life..

Each year around this time I start to plan the following year; horse riding goals, personal goals, professional goals and a wish list. I buy a diary and I spend New Years Eve with a glass of wine and a pen….

My plan for the last couple of months has been to sell Moo and focus purely on Dressage with my new boy. He is trained to Elementary but he needs a little tweaking and a bit of fixing. I have pulled him back to Preliminary for the end of 2018 to get some judges perspectives and now I can retrain.

I have a wonderful coach who understands biomechanics and the training scale and also that each horse may need to be trained differently depending on their needs; I am in good hands.

The goal is to be competing Novice and scoring well by middle of 2019 and then I’ve left the goal list open to see where this river runs to.

Back to Moo…

So the goal was to sell him, it’s super hard though to sell a horse that has done nothing wrong, loves you and takes care of you when you are riding and seems to always be willing to try anything.

I have been told to push him towards jumping as he seems to enjoy it. His dressage is pretty amazing and he is doing well; but when he jumps he just loves it, I can tell. And I always want my horses to be happy.

Moo and I have accomplished more than I ever thought we would and I have a box of ribbons because of him. I qualified and competed at Amateur Champs and he has provided me with so many smiles and “firsts” along the way.

Yesterday I thought I might just take him for a little jump over some small logs… and so here is how it started…

And then I thought why don’t I try the next ones…

And here’s a little step

And then hmm maybe some bigger ones…

My friend was with me and she is bold and young so she has a go and took him over some more big ones…

So I’m thinking I do have an eventer on my hands…

Fitness training will start in December and I am looking for an event in early 2019.

I’m grateful for so many things in my life and sometimes I think it’s easy to forget what I do have and be upset about what I don’t have.

So today I am focusing on what I do have and the hopes and dreams I have for next year.

Have a lovely December everyone

Mel x

2 thoughts on “Bring on 2019

  1. Happy December to you and all the best with your goals for 2019. Please keep us up with how the year goes. I like hearing about your accomplshments and the ups and downs. We all have them both ups and downs.😊


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