Horses for Sale / Wanted

Mr Potato Head is for sale.  

Moo is a 16.1hh Brown Gelding and he is currently 11 years of age.

Moo has been trained using a combination of Natural Horsemanship and the German Training Scale and he is responsive, willing and an easy horse to train and own.

Moo has successfully competed in Dressage and has attended numerous clubs up and down the coast. Moo has also attended a Show Jumping Club and Working Equitation Club, both on numerous occasions. He has also had many professional private lessons in Dressage and Show Jumping.  Moo has also attended local Hack Shows and Pony Club.

Moo has been desensitised and trained in Natural Horsemanship. Moo does not have any vices and is very well mannered.

He is a wonderful mount and has a soft snaffle mouth. You do not need to use spurs or harsh bits with Moo. If you wish for him to Halt or slow you simply ask with your voice and sit in the saddle. He has been trained to respond to voice commands and can be ridden into a contact or on a long loose rein.

Moo has 3 wonderful gaits with Canter being his stand-out gait! He receives 7’s and 8’s in Dressage for his Canter work and it is uphill and regular. His transitions through all three gaits are smooth and steady and he is a horse that is naturally round. He searches for the contact and he is responsive to the leg aids.

Moo can be ridden regularly and looks forward to work. I have ridden him 5 times in a single week and he has always looked forward to his training sessions. He truly is a genuine horse.

Moo is easy to catch because he comes to you!

Moo is easy to float as he basically self loads.

Moo stands quietly at shows or while he is being tacked up.

Moo stands patiently for the Farrier when his hooves are trimmed and for the Vet when he has his vaccinations and check ups.

Moo has never had a major health issue in the 4 years I have known him. He has never been lame or unsound in this time either. He is a very low maintenance horse that you can count on.

Moo is Hendra Vaccinated and up to date with his Worming Routine and his Dental checks.

I do not have a bad word to say about this horse and this is a difficult sale for me.

I have never fallen from him, have never had him bolt on me and he has enjoyed learning and has grown into a fantastic horse that seems to be willing to try his hand at anything.

He enjoys learning new things and is always present and listening when you are training him.

Moo’s stand out achievements are:

  • 66.1% Preparatory C – 2018 Competition Year
  • 68.4% Preliminary 1:2 – 2018 Competition Year
  • 69.5% Preliminary 1:1 – 2018 Competition Year
  • 61.1% Novice 2:1 – 2017 Competition Year
  • 65.18% Novice 2:1 – 2018 Competition Year
  • 60cm Clear Round Show Jumping after only 2 outings

Moo is an enjoyable partner at competitions. He loads and floats without fuss. He stands by his float and will tie up and eat hay while you get ready.

You do not need to worry about Moo because he will wait for you. Moo will then stand patiently while you saddle him up and go over your test or show jumping course. You can ride Moo without having to lunge him first. You can lunge him if you like, he can do either.

I am searching for a wonderful home for Moo. I require him to go to a home that is kind. A home where he can be out and about, learning new things and winning Ribbons. A home that takes care of him and his day to day needs. A home that will make sure he is happy and healthy. He deserves no less than that.

I will provide you with a full set of rugs for Moo. A Cotton Summer Rug, Fly Mask, Mesh Rug, Fleece Rug and a Winter Combo Rug.

I will also provide you with his Halter and Lead and his Bridle and Bit.

I want him to be as comfortable in his new home with as minimal changes as necessary to assist with him adjusting to his new life with you.

If you beleive you can offer Moo a wonderful home please contact me on 0421 203 520 or

Video’s and Pictures can be found on this website.

You can also see Moo’s journey via my Blog by clicking here.

I have many more videos and pictures at home as well as many Competition Results.

Please email to request more information.