Mel’s Goal Setting Plan

I am a Goal Setter from way back! download (2)

I am quite sure that my Grandmothers cat wrote down goals of catching mice and planned ways to get them!

I have journal after journal and whiteboards and diaries. When people ask me why I have different books for different goals, it is a simple answer.

At school we had a Maths book and an English book, we broke our learning into sections and I do the same with my Goal Setting.

Writing down your goals is strongly associated with achieving your Goals!

I believe this is because when you write your goals down a few things happen:

  • You see them. images (1)

This may sound simple, but once written, your goals become written words that you can see at any time, this keeps the goal on the forefront of your mind and in your daily focus.

Also, you remember things better when you write them down.


  • It becomes real. 2f0546ac032f237048e6a3958a3cb5fe--friesian-horse-horse-breeds

Once you write something down and let the universe know about it, it stops being a dream and becomes a plan. You tell others and talk about your goals as if they are something that will happen rather than a dream.

The mindset of turning your goal from a dream into a plan is the most important part of success. Once it becomes real, then you start to “do” rather than “talk” about your goals.


  • The Hippocampus. download (3)

The first thing you might say is “what is she talking about, a Hippocampus?”

I didn’t know what the Hippocampus was until a few years ago. (I have to add here that the Hippocampus is named because it bears a resemblance to the Seahorse which is one of my favourite animals).

The Hippocampus regulates emotions and is a space for long term memories.

Once you put your goal into your mind and you think of it often it will become a long term memory. Your brain will ensure that you reach your goal, simply because you have programmed it to. Sounds deep! and it is.


  • horse joke It stops the background noise.

Writing goals down ensures that you stay focused. You stay the course and you end up where you want to be without distraction and no matter what others say or think.

You do not let others distract you from your goals.

Once you have written them down and you have started, they become a part of your life, not something you are “going to do one day”.

Below are my goals I set for myself on New Years Eve – 31 December 2016

  • Achieved 65% in Preliminary Dressage – Achieved November 6, 2017
  • Competed Novice Dressage and scored over 60% – Achieved November 6, 2017
  • Completed my G-Level Dressage Judge Certificate – Achieved July 22, 2017
  • Maintained my Health and Positive Attitude – All year long 🙂

Some of these goals took me 11 months!! Stay the course

I ended the end of the 2017 Season with setting more goals for 2018 on 31 December 2017. (see how there are more! As you get more into this, you just can’t stop and your goals increase. This is how you build success and achieve bigger goals.)

  • Compete in the Twilight Series Dressage Competition Summerland Dressage Club (Achieved March 3, 2018)
  • Achieve 65% – 70% in Preliminary Dressage (Achieved April 7, 2018 – 65.9% and 68.4%)
  • Win a Preliminary Dressage Championship or Reserve Championship
  • Achieve 65% in Novice Dressage
  • Qualify for the Adult Amateur Owner Rider Championships (Qualified and competed on 14/15 September, 2018) – I also won the Riders Award at this event.
  • Compete at the Pan Pacific Masters Games (entered and competing on 10/11 November 2018)
  • Complete Level One Riding Certificate


Will I always achieve my goals? YES

So, how can I help you do the same!

It’s quite simple really, all you have to do is contact me and ask me to be your Goal Setting Mentor for a 3 month period.

So many people enter competitions or buy things and never use them because they fail at reaching their goals. You need to understand what your goals are, why you want them and how to achieve them. That’s the hardest part!

Contacting me will be one of the best financial investments you make because you will not waste money any more. You will buy what you need, to go where you need to go and achieve what you want to achieve.

Once I teach you how to set goals, you will no longer need me to guide you as you will be able to do it for yourself.

How much is it? Very cheap.

The 3-Month Goal Setting Plan is $175.00.

No hidden costs, nothing else to pay and certainly no contract that locks you into anything. It is a one of fee and I make a personalised plan for you. I also contact you to make you accountable for your decisions and to ensure you are on track.

After all; your success is my success.

Click here to fill in my Contact Form and start your adventure on getting what you want!

Mel x