14.09.2017 – Freddy’s (Mr Flashdance) X-rays were sent to a lameness surgeon in Queensland for a look. He has said that Freddy has torn his medial collateral ligament on the hock. I had no idea what this ligament was but judging from those big words it sounded like it was a pretty important one. So I googled it. Click here to see what a Medial Collateral Ligament on the hock is!

So now I am left with the decision of what to do. My choices are to have the hock injected with Depo Medrol and put him on a product similar to Technyflex. Give him two weeks off and see if Dr Grass and Dr Time will give me a break!

Or do I just use the Technyflex and try some other home rememdies. I am not a fan of Pharmaceuticals at all. Not for me, not for my horses. So I am unsure what to do… Watch this space…

06.09.2017 – A very successful outing with Mr Potato Head at TVEG (Tweed Valley Equestrian Group) on Saturday 1st September. This was the first time Moo and I had travelled to Murwillumbah and he floated nicely. He also had never been to this club or location before and he took it all in his stride. I gave him a few hours to look around when we got there and I think this worked in my favour. He warmed up lovely for the Prep D and competed well with a score of 60%. We then had a 4 hour break to our next test, not easy for an ex-racehorse who is used to racing one race, then straight on the truck to home, but again Moo did so well and impressed me with his calm and willing attitude. The Preliminary 1:3 Moo and I ended with a score of 62.31% and we went home with a 5th place and our first 1st place ribbon. I was stoked as it is only his 6th outing. His next competition is at MVD&HC on September 17. Stay tuned….

31.08.2017 – Freddy went to the Vet for Xrays on 31.08.2017. We were always going to Xray the front legs. After we had nerve blocked them we then realised the lameness issue must be from the front lower hoof as when he was nerve blocked he was sound. The Xrays on the front showed that Freddy had no Arthritis, damage, breaks, fractures nor any problems with the pedal bone. A big phew from me!!

I still believe he has soft tissue damage in the heels or he simple has sore heels from them being contracted and having a bit of hoof rot in the frog. I can’t deny how much more forward and willing to move he was when he was nerve blocked so there must be pain there, even if the vet cannot see it.

I could take him to Sydney for an MRI, but I’ll persist with other options first such as corrective shoeing and see where we get.

We did an Xray on the right hock. As suspected it had arthritis (badly) on the inside of the Hock joint. I sigh. I was afraid of that. We weren’t going to Xray the left Hock, but I figured I am here so we might as well. The good news is the left Hock is 100%. A win for Freddy and I.

The plan is to now inject Freddy with an Anti-inflammatory injection directly into the hock and then start him on injections of Arthropan. If this doesn’t work, then it is a big dose of Dr Grass and Dr Time and wait and see what the gods do.

29.08.2017 – The vet came out to see Freddy on 24.08.2017 to work out his lameness issue. We started with a trot up, where Fred was still lame, especially on turns. A nerve block at the heel was done on the right front and he went lame in the left (this is what you would expect to happen if the right heel is sore and no further up the leg). Then we nerve blocked the left front and he was sound in the front and trotting like a powerhouse, trying to canter and loving going forward. Mel smiles.

The bad news was then he seemed lame in the right hock. I couldn’t see it, it’s a hard thing to see unless you are an expert. He seems to have arthritis in the right hock, this would explain a lot, we have had problems with the right canter. It all seems to be making sense to me at the moment and I feel like I have been “missing it” and not responding to what he has been trying to tell me. He is booked in for Xrays on the two front and right hock on Thursday. Let’s hope this will give me some news that I can fix this issue and have him sound. I have a wonderful farrier and he is standing by waiting to fit Fred with some corrective shoes. We had him in shoes with a break-over before and that has helped. I’m not sure what will happen from here…. Keep your fingers crossed for Fred.

24.08.2017  Activity Slips 2 & 3 of Level One Coaching Certificate passed and signed off 🙂

18.08.2017 – A successful and wonderful outing with Mr Potato Head at Currumbin District Horse Club on Sunday 13.08.2017. Due to his tense behaviour last time I knocked him back a grade to see if that would make a difference. His trot work however, is the work that he is most tense in so it was a bit of a gamble. Ironically enough after all that thought, his Preliminary 1:1 test was the best. I won’t be knocking him back to Preparatory again. I will just keep surging forward and perhaps use a Prep test as a warm up only.

12.08.2017 – Mr Potato Head and I will be travelling to Currumbin District Horse Club on Sunday 13.08.2017 for Moo’s sixth dressage competition. He really found his Dressage Hooves at Grafton a little over a month ago, but didn’t “back-up” well for Currumbin the next week. I gave him a spell for two weeks and put him back into work this week for a few sessions. Just trying to find the right formula for him. Each horse is different. Stay tuned for results on my blog here.

11.08.2017 – Activity Slip 1 of Level One Coaching Certificate passed and signed off. 🙂

07.08.2017 – Mr Flashdance is booked in for X-rays on 24.08.2017. It would seem he has a case of Arthritis in the near side front Fetlock. Stay tuned for his diagnosis and treatment on my blog here.

Mr Potato-Head has an event on 13.08.2017 at Currumbin District Horse Club. He is entered  in Preliminary 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3.

24.07.2017 – I had an awesome few days at AELEC watching the Tamworth Dressage Championships and completing my G-Level Dressage Judge training. 🙂 for more on this visit my blog here.

14.07.2017 – Mr Potato-Head has been having a successful time and I have taken him to two Dressage Competitions in the past two weeks. He competed at Grafton Dressage Championships on 01.07.2017 in Preliminary 1:1 and 1:2 with impressive scores.

Moo also competed at Currumbin District Horse Club on 09.07.2017 and had his first attempt at Preliminary 1:3. He was not as settled on this day, but I wanted to do competitions back-to-back to see if he could handle the pressure. He isn’t quite ready yet and that is okay- we have time. Click here for my blog.

23.06.2017 – Ah Mr Flashdance, my poor Freddy went lame again. He did recover from the stone bruise from 14.05.2017, but his hoof rot came back when we had some periods of rain. He completely broke down on me during a ride and I thought I may have to send him to horse heaven 😦

However, he is walking better and without limping. He is slowly improving in the trot also, so cross fingers all is ok and we can get back to our awesome canter transitions.

Meanwhile, Moo has had to now take Fred’s place at the Dressage competitions I have coming up. Suddenly Moo is working Preliminary. I will let you know the results…

17.05.2017 – Dry feet now and Mr Flashdance is back to normal. Will get back into training on Thursday… Moo tomorrow…

14.05.2017 – Mr Flashdance and I were unable to compete at Currumbin District Horse Club today. We had to retire from our Dressage tests as my poor Freddy’s feet became sore from the wet ground. The members of this club were so supportive and wonderful and I wanted to give a big shout out to Betty, Amanda and Jeanie for being so lovely to Freddy and I. We will be back to the club on June 11, 2017.