NLP is short for Neuro Linguistics Programming.  Neuro refers to your Neurology. Linguistics refers to Language and Programming refers to how that Neural Language functions.

Put simply, there is a connection between neurological processes and behavioural patterns learned through our experiences. This means that how you talk to yourself and what you do creates the life and the thoughts that you have. Your thoughts do determine your reality!

NLP helps you understand how you have created the reality that you live in and how, if you want to, you can change it.

NLP teaches you how to cope with setbacks and how to see every event in your life as a learning tool and create a positive from it.

How is NLP going to help you, your dreams, your goals, your relationships and your life!!!

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Well..I’m about to tell you how you can have the life you always wanted to have and do the things you always wanted to do.

I will become your NLP Mentor for a 3 month period and I know that if you follow my program you will change your life.

All you have to do is commit to this program and you will see the results!

Yes, that’s right. You can change your reality!

Where you are, is not where you have to stay!

You can have a better job!

You can have a better relationship!

You can have more money!

You can own the things you want to own!

You can live the life of your dreams!

You can be happy when you wake up!

Think of how amazing that would be!

I will teach you how to communicate more effectively with everyone else in your life and everyone you meet in the future. You will be able to pick up on other people’s language and their behaviours will be more obvious to you. Because of this you will become a master at communicating and relating to people. You will now be able to influence better from this position.

What do I mean by influence? I mean that you will be able to see what they are really trying to say and provide a solution or find a common language to be able to ask for what you want. I have found this has helped in all aspects of my life.

Because you are such a wonderful communicator, an understanding person who listens and a person who has a happy and filled life; people will be drawn to you.

People will want to know what makes you tick. You will make friends without trying and you will push others to achieve their goals because you will want them to be as happy as you are.

How will this help your Horse Riding?


You will have a winning mindset when it comes to your horse riding.

You will believe in yourself and believe that you can reach your goals.

An Equestrian must be calm, patient, understanding, kind and also a Leader to our horses and you will reach your goals and you will bring out the best in your horse with your new positive attitude.

You will learn to enhance your performance by reducing your performance related anxiety.

You will also learn to reduce your fear of riding and enjoy it again. You will learn how to control your emotions.

It sounds wonderful doesn’t it!

Your sporting potential is only limited by what you believe you are capable of

So why not start this fabulous journey by joining my next intake for me to be your NLP Mentor.

The next Enrolment Period begins 1 July 2018.  

You can join this program now and pay the $50.00 Lifetime Membership Fee.

That’s right, no matter how long you stay with me as your NLP Mentor and in my program I will not charge you another Membership Fee!

That’s because my aim is to help each of you as long as you need and some people will need longer than others.

You can then choose my program for a 3 Month Period at $59.00 per Month.

For this monthly amount you will receive:

  • A one on one face to face or telephone initial interview;
  • A one day workshop where you can come and meet me and discuss my personal journey;
  • Skype sessions to check in on your progress and troubleshoot;
  • Guidance through your fears and behaviours that are holding you back.

That’s right! All of that for $59.00 per Month.

It is a lot for such a small amount of money, so what’s the catch you might be saying?

There isn’t one. I simply want to help people and I only want to cover my costs for my Mentoring and Administration costs. I am not in this to make money. I want to change people’s lives and see everyone as happy as I am.

So join me for the 1 July 2018 and let’s make 2018 your year!

Contact me and show your interest to join Melrose Equestrian Services NLP Mentoring Program by filling in your details below.


I am not a Doctor.

I am not a Therapist.

I am simply a woman who changed her life by learning the art of NLP.

Come see what’s waiting for you once you learn these techniques.

I look forward to working with you!

Mel x