What am I looking for?

I am looking for sponsorship from Equestrian and non-Equestrian business’s for items that I can promote at Dressage Competitions. 

I am looking for Equestrian items such as: 

  1. Saddle Pads;
  2. Bridles;
  3. Halters & Leads;
  4. Exercise Boots and Polo Wraps;
  5. Girths and Bits;
  6. Ear Bonnets;
  7. Rugs (both Show Sets & Cotton Combo’s for home);
  8. Jodphurs and other Competition Attire;
  9. Helmets and Baseball Caps;

As well as being a competitive rider I also promote a healthy lifestyle and would welcome any offers to promote such items.

I drink water at my competitions and eat fruit and salads whilst I am there. I am active and keep fit, this is essential for being a partner to your equine. I would be willing to promote health and fitness gear such as watches, towels, runners and any exercise equipment or attire.

I would be willing to promote vitamins and organic products to eat. 

I also am committed to my horses health and well-being and would be willing to promote herbs and vitamins for them also. 

What can I do for a potential sponsor? 

I am not looking for free-money, handouts or an easy ride from a sponsor.  If I say that I am going to promote a business, brand or an item I will do so.  

I am willing to promote individual brands at certain shows by wearing products and uploading photographs and video via my social media presence whilst I am at the show and the days that follow said show.

I also have a blog where I am able to reach out to other bloggers who follow me. These bloggers are also fellow Equestrians who would be interested in purchasing such products that I am advertising. 

How am I a good Ambassador for your brand?

I am a passionate horse person with a goal-oriented nature. I therefore am able to produce results and stay focused. I am a Nationally recognised Coach and an Official Dressage Judge through Equestrian Australia. I therefore understand and am able to abide by the rules of my sport. 

I am also a “good sport” when I am competing. I ensure that non of my behaviour would shed any bad publicity on my business nor my sponsors. One of my personal Motto’s is “Winning without grace is not winning”.

I am graceful in victories and defeat at a competition. 

Competition Goals for the next 12 months (October 2017 to October 2018)

  1. Compete at the Queensland Amateur Owner Championships;
  2. Compete at The Winter Dressage Spectacular held in Tamworth;
  3. Be successful in a Champion or Reserve Champion place; 
  4. Compete in a Novice Dressage and score at least 60%; 
  5. Compete Mr Potato Head in Preliminary Dressage with scores of 65-70%; 
  6. Obtain another OTTB and be competing regularly on him;

Online Presence

I am active on all social media platforms and currently update Instagram daily, Twitter twice a week and my Website blogs are multiple entries per fortnight. My presence is always growing and offers me a perfect environment to promote business and brands. 

My current presence is as follows: 

  1. 300+ Instagram Followers
  2. 300+ Twitter Followers
  3. 500 visits to my Website per month
  4. I am active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pintrest and Tumblr
  5. I post regulary, at least once every second day on all of these media platforms

Goals for online presence 2017 to 2018

  1. Increase Subscribers on my YouTube Channel;
  2. Increase social media presence;
  3. Create an International Dressage Team to promote my business and online presence;

Please contact me via the Contact Form on this website or email me directly at melissa@melroseequestrianservices.com.au to discuss further. 

I am also open to day sponsorship where you are able to sponsor me for a single event.

Please see the Photo Gallery page on this site for idea’s of what products you might be able to offer me as a Sponsor.

This is a good opportunity for both of us to see if we can work successfully as a team. 

Mel x

My Current Sponsors are: 

  • Earlwood Equine
  • Peter Williams Riding Apparel
  • HorzeHoods

Please click on the Logo’s below to view their Facebook Pages 

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