The Team

Mr Flashdance (Freddy)1476756302084

Freddy was born in Queensland, Australia on September 29, 1999. He is a 17hh Flaxen Chestnut Gelding and he is handsome with a wonderfully funny personality. 

His racing career was short and after knowing Fred for a while you realise why; Freddy is a little bit lazy. He is a left brained horse that you have to inspire to work. He needs to know what’s in it for him!IMG_0024




I work Freddy in short, positive rides with set goals in mind. He loves pats, rewards and cuddles.

He is a tactile horse and is my rock, he was there everyday for a cuddle when I was suffering with PTSD and I love him dearly.

He is a unicorn at times and can produce amazing results when he has a day where he actually wants to do Dressage!

Freddy’s Highlights:

  • Preparatory Open Champion 2016 – Manning Valley Dressage & Hack Club
  • Personal Best Score of 74.94% – 2016 Competition Season

Mr Potato Head (Moo)

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Moo raced as Mr Maturity until December 2014 and I was somehow lucky enough to be given him. He was born in Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia on October 31, 2007.

He is a 16.1hh Brown Gelding with two white socks and a beautiful star. He has a long flowing mane and forelock and he is such a beautiful soul.

Moo won over $90,000 on the track in his racing career and he placed constantly even though he was born with splade hooves and a bowed knee. This is a testament to his willingness and le13022016 20vel of work ethic he has!

He has been a pleasure to train and has taken to his new life of Dressage with such a willingness and lovely temperament that it almost has felt too easy at times.

He has a wonderful Trot to Walk transition and I have high hopes for Moo. Even with his confirmation issues, I expect his attitude and willingness could see us through to the higher grades.


The 2017 Competition Season with Moo was an incredible success.

He went from Preparatory Dressage to Novice in 7 outings and placed at every competition we entered.

I was left speechless by his continuous improvement.

In the last four weeks of the 2017 Competition Calendar, Moo tried his hand at Show Jumping and proved that not only is he a fabulous pure Dressage mount and a possible Cross Country Eventer. img_20411.jpg

I have no doubt that 2018 will see great things happen for us both.

Watch this space!




Moo’s Highlights:

  • Personal Best score of 65% – 2017 Competition Season
  • Progressing from Preparatory to Novice Dressage in 7 outings – 2017 Competition Season

 Mr Pittown (Billy) – Retired

Billy was unraced as Pitt Town, but he comes from an amazing Gene Pool. His Sire is Raja’s Accord and his Great Grandfather’s are Bold Ruler & Gustave Dore. Billy was born in New South Wales, Australia on November 11, 1989.

He is a 15.3hh Brown Gelding with no white markings, he is perfect. He has the most beautiful brown eyes and the most handsome face.

Billy is my superstar and the equine love of my life. He tolerated me when I didn’t know much about owning a horse let alone riding one! He barely went lame, was easy to catch and was unflappable at Competitions.

I have a wall full of Ribbons, Trophies, Medals and a Championship Ribbon because of this horse and I am so glad we lived our lives together.


Billy now is 28 and lives out his days grazing in a large field and being fed carrots and kept rugged when it is cold.

Billy’s Highlights:

  • Personal Best score of 62.94% – 2010 Competition Season
  • Bronze Medallist – Wallsend Riding Club – 1996
  • Champion Cessnock ODE – 2000 Competition Season
  • Reserve Champion – 2000 Hack Show