The Team

Mr Flashdance (Freddy)1476756302084

Freddy was born in Queensland, Australia on September 29, 1999. He is a 17hh Flaxen Chestnut Gelding and he is handsome with a wonderfully funny personality. 

His racing career was short and after knowing Fred for a while you realise why; Freddy is a little bit lazy. He is a left brained horse that you have to inspire to work. He needs to know what’s in it for him!IMG_0024




I work Freddy in short, positive rides with set goals in mind. He loves pats, rewards and cuddles.

He is a tactile horse and is my rock, he was there everyday for a cuddle when I was suffering with PTSD and I love him dearly.

He is a unicorn at times and can produce amazing results when he has a day where he actually wants to do Dressage!

Mr Potato Head (Moo)

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Moo raced as Mr Maturity until December 2014 and I was somehow lucky enough to be given him. He was born in Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia on October 31, 2007.

He is a 16.1hh Brown Gelding with two white socks and a beautiful star. He has a long flowing mane and forelock and he is such a beautiful soul.

Moo won over $90,000 on the track in his racing career and he placed constantly even though he was born with splade hooves and a bowed knee. This is a testament to his willingness and le13022016 20vel of work ethic he has!

He has been a pleasure to train and has taken to his new life of Dressage with such a willingness and lovely temperament that it almost has felt too easy at times.

He has a wonderful Trot to Walk transition and I have high hopes for Moo. Even with his confirmation issues, I expect his attitude and willingness could see us through to the higher grades. Watch this space!